Month: August 2014

Hydrothermal Vent Series – Life on the Vents

At first we were told that life depends upon energy from the sun. And then they discovered hydrothermal vents! White Shrimp near a hydrothermal Vent, Nautilus in the Gulf of Mexico, 2013 Unlike the extremely cold temperatures of the deep ocean, hydrothermal vents produce waters […]

Hydrothermal Vent Series – Underwater Chimneys

Like a lit fuse running along the surface of the seafloor, hydrothermal vents are frequently found in areas of volcanic activity, such as mid-ocean ridges! ROPOS is in position for hot fluid sampling at this black smoker vent. Image courtesy of Submarine Ring of Fire […]

In My Backyard – Issue #15 – Puppies!

Normally, the creatures I talk about on these posts are pretty unusual. But when you have a garage full of adorable little puppies, how could you choose anything else?! Lucy with her babies Once again I’ve let my work get the best of me and […]