In My Backyard - Issue #15 - Puppies!

Normally, the creatures I talk about on these posts are pretty unusual. But when you have a garage full of adorable little puppies, how could you choose anything else?!

Lucy with her babies

Once again I've let my work get the best of me and leave me with nothing to give to my writing. That's the only excuse I have for not blogging in so long. So many good intentions that never reach their full potential. But finally, today I have set aside some time. So welcome to another issue of In My Backyard!

We first realized Lucy, our Chocolate Labrador, was pregnant only a few weeks before she gave birth. It was strange because Mum and I are with the animals the most and usually notice these things. So obviously, when she started showing signs of labor, we couldn't help but get worried. We thought it was too soon.

You see, she lost her last litter and was very sick herself. We never knew why. The first sign that something wasn't well at that time was how much she drank. So when she started drinking more this time we started praying hard that she wouldn't lose this litter as well. It turned out it was just because of the labor and heat. She gave birth to seven healthy little puppies! Praise God!

Now, only 11 days old, the little things are pushing themselves up on their feet! We just learned that not only do puppies eyes stay closed for a week or more, but their ears do as well. They find their mother with smell alone. So far we've concluded that they are late bloomers.

We have four boys and three girls. Two brown, two dark brown/black, and three black. Just earlier we were taking some pest control measures and I held them on their back till they were content and let Mum do what she needed to. The sweet things would stretch out in my hands, yawn, and heave a great sigh before relaxing and going to sleep. One of them, a black female with white (the only white in the litter, matter of fact), I placed slowly on her back with her head resting on her mother's paw. It stayed there, looking so precious and innocent!

We are telling people to "pre-order", so if you are in our vicinity, send me a message!

Next week I'm starting a series on Hydrothermal Vents. Be sure to check back soon!

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