Month: November 2014

A Thanksgiving Misconception

  I was surprised the other day to learn that (some) public schoolers were taught the reason for the first Thanksgiving celebration was to thank the Indian’s for their assistance in helping them to grow food. In actuality, this is only a minor reason, though […]

In My Backyard – Issue #16 – Mockingbird Attitude

Have you ever wondered why mockingbirds do what they do? Mockingbirds can be described as obnoxious, noisy, and aggressive, among other things, and oftentimes these descriptions are deserved. They are known to chase other birds and any other animal, or human, that may get in […]

The Corliss Skirt

It’s no secret that I like vintage fashion. The elegant cut of the waistline, full skirts, and crisp blouses. There was pride in the way a person dressed, back in the days when people had self-respect. Dressing up was something you did when you went […]