In My Backyard - Issue #16 - Mockingbird Attitude

Have you ever wondered why mockingbirds do what they do?

Mockingbirds can be described as obnoxious, noisy, and aggressive, among other things, and oftentimes these descriptions are deserved. They are known to chase other birds and any other animal, or human, that may get in their way, although this is usually the case when a nest is involved. Cats are their favorite punch bags. It's common for us to see one of our cats being continually attacked during such seasons only for them to respond by sitting under the tree and popping their tails.

Personally, I find them amusing. The other day I had the perfect opportunity to watch two Mockingbirds challenging each other. Humanly speaking, what was the point? But to a Mockingbird it was a matter of self-respect. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

And they went on! I believe the only reason they stopped when they did was because the car disturbed them. Otherwise, who knows how long they might have gone on!

About 1:26 into the video you see the bird on the left pick up a bit of grass, hop a bit more, and then drop it. I've seen dogs do something of the same order when in the heat of the moment. Do they get carried away? Like a fighter who beats his fists in anticipation of the next punch? I must say, I was thoroughly amused.

It fascinates me to watch animals. I love wondering why they do the things they do. There has to be a reason in most cases. God-given instinct, for one. If you've never wondered about these things, I would highly recommend you take a minute and look at nature. There is so much for us to learn!

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