Year: 2015

There Are No Words…

Once again I wrote this on the eve of the holiday it is for and was thus unable to post it sooner. But I figured, since the message is an eternal one, (and in my book, the Christmas season isn’t over yet), I will share […]

What Some Will Do For God – A Late Thanksgiving Post

(I wrote this before Thanksgiving but was unable to post it due to time constraints –as well as the fact that I had made a pact with myself not to do anything that would give me neck pain which would result in a ruined holiday. […]

Making the Snowflake Ribbon Necklace (Picture Tutorial)

Well, I did it, and without too much delay. In September I wrote a post on making a pair of nautical earrings, among other things, (read the post here), and in that post I mentioned an idea I wanted to create but at the time […]

Finished… but then – The FourSquare Baby Blanket

One of the last patterns I made for Crochet Spot was the one pictured below, the FourSquare Baby Blanket. You can find the free pattern by clicking the link or searching the site. I started making baby blankets years ago when my the first second-cousin […]

The End of Something and The Beginning of Others

Autumn Harvest Scarf It has been 2 years and 8 months since I began working for Crochet Spot. I have learned a great deal, from crochet pattern designing to HTML, and succeeded in creating about 130 patterns and 8 or so tutorials. Rachel Choi, the […]

A 60’s Sheath Dress

I grew up playing an I Dream of Jeannie dress up game on the computer. Naturally, I loved it! When you were lucky enough to put together the right arrangement it would tell you it was one of her outfits from the series. If you […]

The Cat from Outer Space – 70’s Fashion and Movie Review

The Cat from Outer Space – 70’s Fashion and Movie Review

  The Cat from Outer Space is a Disney production about an alien that arrives on earth in the form of a cat. His ship malfunctions and he employs the help of physicist Frank Wilson to repair it. The ‘cat’, Jake, uses the superior technology […]

The Incredible, Yet Harmful Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star

Crown of thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci), courtesy of NOAA Photo Library Although I have always loved everything about the sea since I could remember, I have been fascinated most with the phylum Echinodermata since highschool, specifically classes Asteroidea (sea stars) and Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers). I’ve […]

Feathers, Buttons, and Charms for Earrings

One thing I love most is getting a great discount on yarn and jewelry supplies! Okay, that’s two things. I normally order my yarn from Jo-Ann’s, Knitting Warehouse, or Knit Picks, since I am able to find a greater variety online. But Hobby Lobby is […]

Jeannie, The Secretary | 60’s Fashion Highlights

Jeannie, The Secretary | 60’s Fashion Highlights

  While watching the beginning season of I Dream of Jeannie, I have admired the unique style of her clothing. The 60’s morphed the fitted dress of the 40’s into a more, dare I say, streamlined model. Although there are things about the 60’s I […]