Month: January 2015

Not My Will (1946), by Francena H. Arnold – Book Review

My own lovely, worn copy from 1980 Eleanor Stewart’s parents knew early on that their lovely child had a strong will but they trusted God would help them raise her to use that strength for His service. Only their sudden death puts a stop to […]

The Dana Beanie – Crochet Pattern and 70’s Throwback

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to share one of my crochet patterns with my readers. And obviously, it gets a bit difficult to keep up with it all since I design patterns for Crochet Spot and try to write during […]

Thoughts on the Book of Job and Suffering

When I began reading the book of Job a few weeks ago I had the intentions of finding out the answer to the age old question, “Why does man have to suffer?” Obviously, because of man’s decision to sin at the beginning of creation (as […]