The Dana Beanie – Crochet Pattern and 70’s Throwback

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to share one of my crochet patterns with my readers. And obviously, it gets a bit difficult to keep up with it all since I design patterns for Crochet Spot and try to write during the rest of my time, which consequently doesn’t amount to much.

So I am thrilled to be able to share with you this free crochet pattern of mine. I call it the Dana Beanie. Like most of my projects, there is a bit of history to this design.

If you have read any of my Crochet Inspiration posts you’ll know that I like to get my inspiration from old movies. Or old shows. …And sometimes, they’re not-so-old. We go back to the early 70’s with this one, if you haven’t guessed already. It was during that time that the art of crochet began to grow in popularity and the modern generation started sporting crocheted bags, hats, and who knows what else. All in bright colors, of course.

I’m not hard-core hippy. There are many styles I preferred before they reached the psychedelic era. But there are a few elements of my taste that have some beginnings in the hippy days. Of course, you might be surprised to know I don’t really like beanies, personally. But being the costume designer enthusiast I am, almost every bit of fashion has their good points. Almost. Basically, if I wanted a 70’s look, I wouldn’t hesitate to don a beanie. Though more often than not, I use my sister for my costume designing puppet. She never minds.

While watching my favorite TV show, Mission: Impossible, one of the newer IMF agents named Dana (you don’t know how hard it is to restrain myself from turning this into a Mission: Impossible review) wears a beanie briefly. I saw it and knew immediately the ease with which I could crochet one like it. I wasn’t convinced that I should, though –I have a lot of ideas and you already heard my opinion on beanies. But I did anyway.

Unfortunately for me, Rachel at Crochet Spot already had something too similar. I had to throw the beanie aside and jump onto something else for this week. Which has given me the opportunity to share it with you personally!

Dana Beanie
Designed by Amy Yarbrough, copyrighted January 21, 2015

Medium weight yarn, between 40 – 50 yards
Crochet hook G (4.00mm)

Finished Size
(Hat stretches comfortably 2 – 4 inches)
Fits head size 20” – 22” in circumference

Round 1 – 2 measures 1 ¼ inches

Dc – double crochet
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Sl st – slip stitch
Sp – space

Round 1: ch 2, 6 sc in second ch from hook, sl st in first sc: 6 sc
Round 2: (ch 4, sl st in next sc) 5 times, ch 2, dc in base of beginning ch-4: 6 ch-sps
Round 3: (ch 4, sl st in next ch-sp, ch 4, sl st in same ch-sp, ch 4) 3 times except ch 2 instead of 4 at the last, dc in base of beginning ch-4: 9 ch-sps
Round 4: (ch 5, sl st in next ch-sp) 8 times, ch 3, dc in base of beginning ch-5: 9 ch-sps
Round 5: (ch 5, sl st in next ch-sp, ch 5, sl st in same ch-sp) 4 times, sl st in next ch-sp, ch 3, dc in base of beginning ch-5: 13 ch-sps
Round 6 – 17: (ch 6, sl st in next ch-sp) 12 times, ch 3, dc in base of beginning ch-5: 13 ch-sps
Row 18: ch 3, dc across next dc, 4 dc in each ch-sp around, 2 dc in ending ch-3 sp, sl st in first ch-3: 76 dc
Finish off.

Just so you know, I haven’t had this pattern proofed by another crocheter, so if you encounter any problems, I would appreciate it if you let me know. AND, if there is any of you who would like to volunteer to be a proof-crocheter for me when I post these once-in-a-while patterns, let me know! It would help me immensely.

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0 thoughts on “The Dana Beanie – Crochet Pattern and 70’s Throwback”

  • Good morning I love this hat I really wanna make it for my daughter who has cancer but I need to make it with either 3# fashion thread or 10# fashion what adjustments would I have to make in order to use this pattern? Thanks so much

  • Hello Mallory,
    Making this hat with a crochet thread will change the pattern quite a bit. This is how the pattern is structured now: Rounds 1-5 are increase rows; you will need to add quite a few more to get the shape of the head with crochet thread. Rounds 6-17 make up the length; you will need to add quite bit here to. Round 18 should remain the same unless you wish to make it otherwise.
    Hope it works out for you! And I pray the best for your daughter as well.
    Best Wishes,

  • Found this and it was the perfect sized project for my second skein of handspun yarn. If I'm reading the pattern correctly your increase instructions are missing a step. I think you need to make two ch-sp in one space then one ch-sp in the next space and repeat that to get the even increases around. For example. I *think* round 3 should read:

    Round 3: (ch 4, sl st in next ch-sp, ch 4, sl st in same ch-sp, ch 4 sl st in the next ch-sp) 3 times except ch 2 instead of 4 at the last, dc in base of beginning ch-4: 9 ch-sps

    Thanks, again. Fun and quick!

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