Month: March 2015

Country Life and Classic Linen

Molly Gibson I am easily attracted to old-fashioned simplicity. So while recently re-watching the BBC mini-series Wives and Daughters, I was pleasantly stunned by the simplicity of Molly Gibson’s outfits. In order to give her an air of country honesty, the costume designers chose many […]

Beautiful Hair and Retro Frames

As you know, I enjoy taking the time to point out little –and usually unimportant– things about the movies I watch. It’s just one of those things that makes me happy. Useless? Maybe. Enjoyable? Very much. Recently, I watched the world-changing, 1953 version of War […]

Ups and Downs

Everyone knows how hard it is to organize a busy schedule, no doubt about that. And in this world, everyone is busy, ALL THE TIME! But I’m not here to talk about our chronic diseases and tell the world how to get over it. Sorry. […]