Beautiful Hair and Retro Frames

As you know, I enjoy taking the time to point out little –and usually unimportant– things about the movies I watch. It’s just one of those things that makes me happy. Useless? Maybe. Enjoyable? Very much.

Recently, I watched the world-changing, 1953 version of War of the Worlds. Out of all the monumental incidents in the film that are often acclaimed, I want to mention two very measly things that I felt worth a blog post.

Style is usually foremost on my mind when I watch a film from any era. So despite the fact that I am referring to an alien invasion/sci-fi film, style is what this post is about.

The famed Edith Head was costume designer for this film with Wally Westmore heading up the makeup department. Strangely, there is no credit for hair stylist, but that sometimes happens. Ann Robinson’s hair was fixed in this manner in each scene. Curled bangs, combs and another piece of hair accessory I am unable to identify. Notice the back of her hair in the first picture. Combed up at the sides, neatly brushed down in the back and secured at the nape of the neck with the unknown hair piece, while the curls bounce out below.

It’s lovely. Evidence of a time when people cared about themselves and took time to look neat.

I would love to find out what the unknown hair piece is though. Any bit of a lead would be immensely appreciated.

At this point, she wore a simple turtle-neck blouse with a darker v-line impression around the neck, sleeves pushed up for a casual look, and an A-line skirt (not visible in the pictures). Gold jewelry and retro heels. Simple but elegant.

Now, Gene Barry arrives on scene in casual clothing with a trace of “man of the woods” look about him. Nothing very outstanding, though my fashion-sense still loves the retro cut of the jacket and all around style. (On the side, isn’t funny how he hasn’t shaved but his hair is impeccably fixed? Gotta love attempts at authenticity.)

But his glasses! I noticed them immediately. In this day and age you see all kinds of styles: small lenses, large lenses, round, square, small-rimmed, large rimmed, they are even bringing back the vintage look, which makes me happy, obviously. At the moment I do not wear glasses, but if I ever do, I want some exactly like his. Is that so bad? They’re great! When I said this out loud my brother laughed with that “You would!” look on his face. Can I help it if I like outdated styles? Why go with modern when you can be so much happier with retro?

And that does it for this fashion post. I’d love to know what you think, so don’t be a stranger!

P.S. I think Gene Barry does a good outdoors-man look. Just sayin’!

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