Issue #17 - Winky the Bullfrog

Nearly three years ago I wrote my first issue of In My Backyard (then called Creatures in my Backyard). I was consistent in publishing one at the end of each month but I eventually turned my attention to other areas of writing and gave up the monthly issues. Although I don't think I'll ever permanently quit.

I wrote then how toads have always been a favorite of mine, and how my darling "toader" and I would have great times together. (Check out the post to watch a video of one eating a June bug). Even now I scare the little warty creatures by occasionally holding them. But more rare to my experience are their slippery relatives, the American Bullfrog. Yesterday morning our work schedule was interrupted by a fair sized specimen we called Winky (if you are familiar with Nintendo's Donkey Kong video games, you will no doubt know what I mean).

Clumsy and anxious, Winky "splatted" across the shallow water to get away from us but instead made it easier for him to be caught. He protested soundly the whole time he was held and even threatened us when we let him go. Watch this video I took of his "aggressive" behavior.

The poor thing was so upset; he left the water soon after and hid. It took quite a while before he relaxed and returned to the water, but by night he was singing with the other Chorus frogs.

In years past we would fish for bullfrog tadpoles in the ponds in our area, ruining the pool net in the process. It was rather insignificant, but fun, nonetheless.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. My siblings love frogs and toads! I've sort of "outgrown" them myself but I'll hold one every now and then. We have so many of both, especially with a pond on the property. Neat lil' critters!

    1. Hi M.K.,

      Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Frogs and toads may be simple creatures but they will always hold a special place in my heart. :) I think I'll be old and gray and still trying to bend down to pick one up.