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Given the title to this post you will most likely think I am going to talk about how Pinterest takes up too much time. But I’m not. So breathe a sigh of relief and release the tight face muscles that are resulting in a frown.

As with a great many things, it can be both good and bad, which means it all depends on how you use it. Here are some short thoughts from yours truly on how Pinterest affects us. Take ’em or leave ’em, they’re just thoughts.

No Original Ideas

There are many times when I wonder what I did before I found Pinterest. Where did I get my ideas for my crocheting or the other crafts that I do? Was I not as inspired then? Conversely, I feel like I was more creative before Pinterest than I am now because the thoughts and the inspiration I had were original. What I made was inspired by something personal to me and my mind did the processing and the creating. Now that I have Pinterest there are some many amazing things other people do that I don’t have to create my own. In fact, when I finish doing all the cool ideas I get from other people I don’t have any more inspiration for something unique to me.

Subject to Fads

The world is full of fads and people love to follow them. It’s like the sole goal in a persons life, to keep up with the latest fads. Even the “DIY” category has its own fads. Of course, if you want to get technical, DIY is a fad. For example, people have been making their own furniture, household things, you name it, for ages, or at least let’s say they did more of it in ages past. Now it is called DIY and put in the hobby category. Imagine that! But here now, let’s not chase a rabbit. What you see on Pinterest is what is the most popular today. If you draw your inspiration from Pinterest than you will essentially be following the fads. It’s not always a bad thing, but this goes back to my first point: it’s good to have an original thought.

But am I now eating my words? Am I saying after all that Pinterest is bad? No, I am not. And here’s why.

It Inspires My Creativity

It truly does! I’ve honestly said before that I don’t know how I would have gotten through my first year of designing crochet patterns without the inspiration I received from Pinterest. Simple things like scenic pictures give me ideas for my next color scheme. Or some retro picture inspires my next crochet project. I’ve tried new techniques in art and been surprised at what I didn’t now I could do. Pictures from around the world opens my little world for better fiction writing. And there are plenty of other ways so it is suffice to say it has been inspiring.

Is Relaxing

And that’s the most important. In my world of trying to gauge everything by what I can gain or accomplish, this is a bit of simple fun that brightens a few moments of my life. I need to be told every once and a while that I can do something without expecting to gain anything from it.

My Personal Conclusion

That said, I think I will go pin some remodelling inspiration! I’m thinking mint green walls with ivory borders, and plenty of “DIY” pieces of furniture and wall adornment. Pure and simple. Because Pinterest has some good ideas. The trick is to keep the creative juices flowing.

Well? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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