The Drop Box

When I mention “drop box” you will most likely think of the cloud-based folder that enables you to reach material from anywhere through the internet.

There is another drop box a little more down to earth and vitally important to the little children of South Korea.

I recently heard about the documentary from Kindred Image and Focus on the Family called The Drop Box. Abandoned children are prominent in South Korea, from parents unable to afford the cost of a disabled child, or unwed mothers. Pastor Lee Jong-rak and his wife, Chun-ja, care for a great many orphans in their own home, including those with disabilities. The danger of leaving children on the streets prompted pastor Lee to create what is now called the Drop Box, a specially created enclosure to protect abandoned children from the elements. A mother can leave her child in the Drop Box, knowing it will be protected and given a chance at life.

In our placid American homes, it’s easy to overlook the downtrodden, the “least of these”, the poor and the helpless. We have a responsibility to our fellow man to treat him, whether socially important or not, with respect and God’s love.

Pastor Lee and Chun-ja’s decision to care for as many children as God sends their way is humble and unselfish, but they could in no way do this without trust in God’s plan. And I know they would be the first one’s to admit this. It’s humbling to me. What dedication it must take, tireless belief and hope. But who could look into one of those dear little faces of child-like perfection, marred from infirmity or not, and refuse it the love and care it needs?

How would you respond?

When God calls a person, they have no choice but to answer that call or live their lives in hopeless despair. I am reminded of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s famous sermon on Jeremiah where he says, “He is a prisoner and he has to follow. His path is prescribed. It is the path of the man whom God will not let go, who will never be rid of God.”

What a beautiful world this would be if all Christian’s took their role in society with more sincerity and selflessness. God, soften our hardened hearts.

Visit the site, The Drop Box, and check out what you can do to help. And let’s spread the word by bringing this to as many churches as possible!

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