Shirtdresses and a Full Skirt - 70's Fashion

Let's talk 70's fashion. What better opportunity than with clips from my favorite TV show, Mission: Impossible? These clips are taken from season 6, episode 14, called The Connection (1971).

Casey (Lynda Day George) and Willy (Peter Lupus)

When husband and wife, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, left the show after season 3, we were very skeptical of the members chosen to replace them. Out of all the women actors used in season 4, I have to say Lee Meriwether was the best. But obviously they were not able to secure her more permanently and they ended up signing Lesley Ann Warren for season 5. Although I like Warren in Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella (1965) she can't seem to pull off the part of a good spy. Her character is shamefully incompetent for a government agent on "impossible missions". We were relieved when Lynda Day George arrived in season 6 and proved a better actor. And although I thought Leonard Nimoy did much better with emotion as Paris compared to his more known role as Spock, he was no match for Rollin.

Unfortunately and most irritatingly, Netflix has removed Mission: Impossible. And with only a season and a half to go, I am not taking it so well. Not to mention others that we watch such as Hawaii Five-0 (1968) and Adam-12. Forgive me, but new shows are no match for the old.

In this episode, Casey (Lynda Day George) goes undercover as a rich French woman involved in drug manufacturing, in order to catch the big guys behind it. Jim plays her prison escapee heavy, Willy, another heavy, and Barney gets to fly the jet.

Though Casey normally wears her hair long and wavy, for this role she dons a wig which gives her a modern woman look. Her dresses are classy with an air of wealth. Let's take a better look.

Willy, Casey, and Jim

This shirtdress has to be my least favorite because of the way it clings to her body. Too many creases. But in a different material, it could be really cute. Note the long necklace. Noticeable but not gaudy.

I really love Jim's ruffian look. A sailor style knit shirt, ascot, and white slacks. I fan-girl-ed a bit when he took on two hoods singlehanded. And Willy's attire --a bit of a break from his all-too-typical coveralls or handyman uniform, but then so was the suit (see above picture). Snazzy!

The color of this dress just grabs me. Would it be classified as coral? Definitely a better color than the light pink on her. I tried to get a better shot of the full dress but obviously videographers don't think about those things. Sadly.

Now this one is the best one yet. I don't care for black, and a redhead in black is usually a bad idea, but this outfit really says classy. The cut of the blouse is loose on the arms and wide around the neck while the belt really brings it in for femininity. But the skirt! The off-white or cream is just what I look for in a skirt. It's lightweight and full, and notice the hem. This, ladies and gentleman, is a hem. At least 2 to 3 inches long, I would say. I used to think a long hem was for children's clothes in order to let out length as they grow. Which is true, but it's a good idea for all skirts as it adds a little weight to the bottom, lessening the likelihood of it blowing up in a breeze. Something that really bothers me personally.

Once again she wears a long but simple necklace and this time adds a small chain. I must say I am not fond of her shoes, which isn't a surprise. I'm usually not very fond of women's dress shoes during that era. My style of choice is always the cute 40's to 50's pumps, but on occasion I like the low 60's heel with a slightly pointed toe.

In a recent attempt to find a cute dress for a wedding, I really gravitated toward creamy, lightweight skirts in a similar style to this. Lauren Conrad's summer line comes very close to my taste except for how short they are. The length of Casey's is perfect, in my opinion.

Offhand (and from different episode), here are a couple of pictures of some retro frames. To see a previous post where I talk about retro frames click here.

And that does it for this post. What do you think?

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