Feathers, Buttons, and Charms for Earrings

One thing I love most is getting a great discount on yarn and jewelry supplies! Okay, that’s two things.

I normally order my yarn from Jo-Ann’s, Knitting Warehouse, or Knit Picks, since I am able to find a greater variety online. But Hobby Lobby is where I go for my jewelry making. It’s important to be able to feel the weight of the material you are deciding on using, among other things. I know this because in looking for specific jewelry notions I have ended up being surprised when I actually see what I bought. The chain is bigger/smaller than it looked in the picture, the information about the product is scant, or it’s just too heavy for what I had in mind. Hobby Lobby usually has a remarkable selection to choose from and I love when it’s half off!

This last trip to Hobby Lobby resulted in some great picks! Here’s some of what I bought (the top row, to be more specific). I bought the buttons from Jo-Ann’s a little while back. I just couldn’t pass them up: wood, leaves, buttons!!

I am a sucker for anything nautical and the Traditions line of jewelry notions grabs me every time. I also am really taken with Fairly Tale notions. They have some unique pieces and I wish I had more to do with them. My jewelry creations are pretty basic right now, just some easy earrings, a necklace or so. I haven’t really given myself a lot of opportunity to get creative, plus I am still building my supplies.

My idea for this snowflake pendant is to get some silver chain that looks just like this gold and loop thin, white ribbon in and out before stringing on the pendant. I don’t normally wear silver, but all of the other women in my family do. And I occasionally make an exception. I think it will turn out quite nice.

Recently I designed a crochet pattern for Crochet Spot, called the Vintage Glenda Hat. I plan to make a few changes to the pattern, make it in a light brown, and use some feathers and maybe one of these buttons for embellishment. A truly inspired hat that Glenda Farrell herself would wear …I’d like to think.

For the Traditions notions, I already had what I needed. Simple is as simple does, I opened the fish hook earrings with a pair of needle-nose pliers (which I stole a long time ago from Dad) and attached the charms. Here’s a tip: hold the charm up the way you want it to look when it sits in your ears and make sure it will sit the same way when you put it on the earring. It can get a bit tricky, but sometimes you get lucky and the charm doesn’t make it necessary.

And here they are! I especially like the image of the sloop. Reminds me of something straight out of an old book. Makes me giddy just thinking about it!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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