Harriet Nelson – Casual Yet Impressive

Harriet Nelson was the epitome of a good housewife and the Nelson family what you would call a modern American family of that era. Of course, TV would like you to believe it was all a bed of roses and knowing life as we do, can highly doubt it was. But the show is cute and frankly, I call it insightful. It’s a glance back at the early days –days we have forgotten all about. When living was simpler and what you did in a day had little to nothing to do with technology. Food was more natural, although growing more processed, and there wasn’t a new diet each new week. Then again, all I have to go from is television. And a few people who know what it was like.

To me the past holds some pretty interesting secrets. You can read about all the history you want, but sometimes there are things the history books just neglect to talk about. Such as the little things, like what people ate, every day little things that have been lost to time. I love taking an old picture of people living normally and studying it to see if I can find some little thing that you may not have known about. It’s like taking a peek back in time.

Recently, we have started watching The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet instant from PureFlix.com. (If you aren’t familiar with it, check it out. They have movies, shows, kid’s shows and cartoons, documentaries, with the prime intention of presenting morally clean entertainment.)

This episode is called The Pills (S1, Ep 3). Ozzie is intimidated by his neighbor Thorny, to lose weight, but his idea to take pills for it backfires when they turn out to be appetite increasing pills.

Unfortunately, Harriet is only seen in this outfit for less than a minute and only from the hips up. I assume she is wearing a calf length a-line skirt to go with the casual button up. Notice how the sleeves are rolled up giving the impression she has been hard at work, and yet she looks just as fresh as if she had been sitting on the front porch. The vest is waist length and open, with buttons from top to bottom. The belt appears to be leather –and I’m still trying to figure out what is hanging from it. A pouch? Or watch? Over all, her outfit has a western style and still just as immaculate as anything else she wears. Her hair is neatly fixed and her earrings are casually noticeable.

What do you think? Does Harriet’s outfit look like something you would like to wear now days? I know I would.

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