Jeannie, The Secretary - 60's Fashion

While watching the beginning season of I Dream of Jeannie, I have admired the unique style of her clothing. The 60's morphed the fitted dress of the 40's into a more, dare I say, streamlined model. Although there are things about the 60's I do not personally care for in comparison to some earlier years (such as a shorter heel and more pointed shoe, lack of proper waistline, and etc), I still can't help appreciating the periods sense of fashion.

In the episode I am referring to today (Season 1, Episode 9, The Moving Finger, 1965), Jeannie pretends to be Major Nelson's secretary in order to join him as he acts as technical consultant for an upcoming movie.

As usual, he refuses to take her but that look on her face says it all. Notice the glasses. Not too much so as to look cat-eyed, and straight through the arm or ear piece.

Her hair is teased and well-bodied, in the typical 60's style of "big hair". A top layer is feathered around the crown while the thicker, bottom layer curls out.

This dress was particularly attractive to me because of the mix of feminine and business. Double layered collar and large, 2" buttons. Do you remember my love for buttons? (See this post).

Being still mid-60's, the skirt is only about a foot from the knees and is casually A-lined. She carries a clutch purse and a pair of gloves. This is the style of the 60's. Adorably simple and just too cute!

As with all my favorite styles, this one is going on my "to sew" list. I wonder if I'll ever accomplish half of what is on that list...

Unfortunately, Tony's costume changes little and therefore leaves me little to say about it. And strangely enough, men's clothing changes gradually through the years as opposed to women's. I can't figure out why that is so.

Let me know what you think about Jeannie's outfit in the comments below!

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