The Cat from Outer Space – 70’s Fashion and Movie Review

Jake and Lucy Belle

The Cat from Outer Space is a Disney production about an alien that arrives on earth in the form of a cat. His ship malfunctions and he employs the help of physicist Frank Wilson to repair it. The ‘cat’, Jake, uses the superior technology from his collar to levitate, open doors, fly planes, and much else. Time is short as Frank is joined by two other colleagues in the effort to help Jake, but it isn’t long before the military and other powers get wind of ‘the cat’ and his unnatural abilities.

This is one among many good Disney movies I have enjoyed growing up. I’m sure most will agree a cat is the perfect choice for the embodiment of a friendly, superior alien. If you haven’t seen this movie, I definitely recommend it. The only thing I dislike are the evolutionary assumptions so casually given. Granted, these are limited but as a young earth creationist, I find it offensive that they are so naturally assumed. Although, it would be hard to have an alien movie without the presence of evolution, but I digress.

As usual, I cannot watch a movie without critiquing costume. This movie was made in 1978, a little later than most of the movies and fashion I feature here on Over the Horizon because normally I am not overly fond of fashion from the 70’s, but there are always some exceptions and this is one.

Ken Berry plays Dr. Frank Wilson, the physicist Jake asks to help him. Here Ken wears the typical-but-classy sweater over a polo shirt, and chocolate brown pants to go with the pale yellow and tan. It is hard to tell if the pants are corduroy but it would certainly be keeping with the style of the period if they were.

Sandy Duncan plays Dr. Liz Bartlett, the owner of Jake’s newfound love interest, Lucy Belle. Sandy’s style throughout the whole movie has one or more loose fitting elements. I think I like this outfit best. She wears a smart blue button-up with a noticeably pointed collar, striped sports jacket, loose-fitting bell bottom slacks with a belt, and a short pink kerchief to bring out the pink in the jacket. I’d like to include the style of shoe she is wearing but, unfortunately, I can’t tell from the limited view you get of them.

Rarely am I a fan of short hair cuts on women, but there are occasional times when a woman can really pull it off. Sandy’s small frame and proportional head are fitting for the pixie cut (as it is now called). Note how she wears it flared back from the face.

Now I don’t know if I have spoken about it here on the blog or not, but I am the biggest fan of sweaters. Maybe it has to do with my yarn fascination but then again I have never attempted to crochet sweaters. Either way, I immediately fell in love with Ken’s bulky cardigan. And don’t miss the colors: emerald green and warm cream! In the next picture you can see his pants are a dull green.

This outfit of Sandy’s (pardon the quality of the picture but it’s the best I could do) is very casual but full of character. A gray painters jacket with the sleeves neatly rolled up, over a long sleeved red and white striped shirt. Her pants are a bright blue and once again, bell-bottomed.

Do you see Jake on the couch? So adorable!

This has to be my least favorite outfit Sandy wears but it’s worth noting anyway. She has donned a loosely fitted pants outfit of laurel green with matching scarf. It really is the epitome of the gradual change from 70’s to 80’s. Out with wide waistbands and the closely tailored bodices of the 60’s and earlier eras, and in with wide shoulders and elastic waistbands, among other things. In my opinion, it is only due to Sandy’s small frame that she even looks good in this outfit.

In the last scene, all has turned out well (I won’t spoil it for you and tell you how). Ignore the goober on the left.

Ken’s suit jacket is a unique shade of brown and the material resembles suede. Don’t you love how the seventies utilized color? I’ll bet his pants were either a warmer brown or dark blue.

Sandy, holding Lucy Belle, is wearing a white dress suit comprised of jacket and pencil skirt. And you just have to love the collar of the blouse. For the finishing touch, two flowers, one cream-colored, the other pink. It is hard to tell, but I’ll bet there is a bit of pink in the blouse she is wearing.

And that does it. What do you think? Have you seen this movie? How do you feel about the styles I have mentioned? I’d love to have your feedback!

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