Month: November 2015

What Some Will Do For God – A Late Thanksgiving Post

(I wrote this before Thanksgiving but was unable to post it due to time constraints –as well as the fact that I had made a pact with myself not to do anything that would give me neck pain which would result in a ruined holiday. […]

Making the Snowflake Ribbon Necklace (Picture Tutorial)

Well, I did it, and without too much delay. In September I wrote a post on making a pair of nautical earrings, among other things, (read the post here), and in that post I mentioned an idea I wanted to create but at the time […]

Finished… but then – The FourSquare Baby Blanket

One of the last patterns I made for Crochet Spot was the one pictured below, the FourSquare Baby Blanket. You can find the free pattern by clicking the link or searching the site. I started making baby blankets years ago when my the first second-cousin […]

The End of Something and The Beginning of Others

Autumn Harvest Scarf It has been 2 years and 8 months since I began working for Crochet Spot. I have learned a great deal, from crochet pattern designing to HTML, and succeeded in creating about 130 patterns and 8 or so tutorials. Rachel Choi, the […]