Finished... but then - The FourSquare Baby Blanket

One of the last patterns I made for Crochet Spot was the one pictured below, the FourSquare Baby Blanket. You can find the free pattern by clicking the link or searching the site.

I started making baby blankets years ago when my the first second-cousin was expected. (Did you get that?) I found that I really liked making blankets for expectant families and have made quite a few since. I have also found that it can be a job in itself keeping up with all the blankets I need to make. This blanket is for my nearly 5-month-old nephew --a little belated. I have made two for my niece, the first one is the Sorbet Baby Blanket and the next is the Jungle Rhythm Baby Blanket (click the links to see the patterns).

Since I really adore the simplicity of granny squares I decided to jazz it up a little in this four-square pattern. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates in white, Buddy Blue, and wanted Lemon Lime but ended up with Funny Prints. I still think Lemon Lime would have been better but Funny Prints worked out.

When I began seaming the four squares together I ran out of time trying to find the one I wanted and ended up choosing a method I eventually hated. I sent the pattern in to Rachel at Crochet Spot with the simple instructions "Seam squares together". But no way was I leaving this. So I ripped it out and used the JAYGO (join as you go) method at Petals to Picots. Now I was satisfied.

I added a border of the same granny stitch pattern (you can find a pattern for it at Petals to Picots too) and was finally pleased. Now I can send my nephew the blanket I had intended to have finished months ago. But now that I am no longer working for Crochet Spot, I shouldn't have that problem anymore, right? We'll see.

I can't say the blanket is exactly reversible, which now that I think about it, was a bad idea. Blankets are supposed to be reversible!! I let my hate for weaving in ends cloud my judgment.

Now on to the next project. A throw for my cousin's wedding gift. It will be quite a while before I exhibit it here. After that I have another baby blanket I need to make, as well as the growing list of ordered items that have to be made and sent before Christmas. But hey, crocheting is what it's all about, right?

Let me know what you think! And be sure to check out the other patterns I mentioned at Crochet Spot. Hope to see you again soon!

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