Making the Snowflake Ribbon Necklace (Picture Tutorial)

Well, I did it, and without too much delay. In September I wrote a post on making a pair of nautical earrings, among other things, (read the post here), and in that post I mentioned an idea I wanted to create but at the time didn't have the supplies for. Today I present to you the fruition of that idea: the Snowflake Ribbon Necklace!

I've already said how I wanted similar chain to what I had only in silver. I bought this chain at Michael's, very doubtful of whether it had large enough loops for the ribbon. I decided to try it anyway.

Here's what you will need to make your own:
  • pendant
  • 24 1/2" of chain
  • 2 - 4mm jump rings
  • 1 - 6mm jump ring
  • necklace clasp
  • 28 - 30 inches of 3/8" ribbon
  • cross-stitch needle
  • scissors
  • jewelry pliers
  • fabric glue/hot glue

Measure your chain and attach necklace clasp with jump rings to chain. A simple necklace made. I chose a necklace length that was what I considered average, not long but not short. Make yours whatever length you like, only remember that you will need more --or less-- ribbon.

Attach the 6mm jump ring to the pendant (that is, if the pendant needs it). Go ahead and slide it onto the necklace just to get an idea of what it looks like. Already pretty, huh?

Open the necklace and slide the pendant back off. Fold the ribbon over to thread the needle and then find the center, or thereabouts, of the necklace.

I didn't bother cutting the ribbon just yet as I wasn't sure how much I was going to need. Begin weaving the ribbon through the chain. I chose to weave in the ribbon at every fifth chain. Depending on your chain, as well as your preference, you may want to weave in smaller or larger intervals.

It worked after all! The ribbon wasn't too big and the chain wasn't too small.

When I reached one end I guessed how much ribbon I would need for the other end, snipped the ribbon, and continued to weave in the ribbon on the other end.  This is the necklace with the ribbon completely woven in. Give the necklace a little tug to tighten any gaps. Secure the ends by first knotting them.

Then, for a piece that will stay intact, use some fabric glue and dab at the knot. Let it dry for as long as it takes and when set, snip off the ribbon ends close to the knot.

I realized afterward that the glued knot might become an irritant on the neck over time but hopefully I am wrong. However if it does, then I will either pull it all out and try hot glue, or find some other way of securing it.

Now you can slip on the pendant and admire you work.


What do you think? 

I am so pleased this worked out! Because, as you may or may not know, I had no idea whether it would. I merely sat down with my camera and gave it my best shot. 

Let me know how yours turns out! I would love to see the design you have chosen.

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