The End of Something and The Beginning of Others

Autumn Harvest Scarf

It has been 2 years and 8 months since I began working for Crochet Spot. I have learned a great deal, from crochet pattern designing to HTML, and succeeded in creating about 130 patterns and 8 or so tutorials. Rachel Choi, the creator and owner of Crochet Spot, has been great and continually patient with me the entire time, kindly making me aware of my mistakes in formatting and other areas, at my request. But for a few of my own reasons, I have made the choice to quit.

One of those reasons has to do with physical problems. I struggle continuously with various pains due to prolonged crocheting periods (among other things) which present a problem when you have people depending on you. Because I am a confirmed crochet enthusiast and unwilling to give up the craft (in fact, the idea itself is preposterous!) this can be extremely frustrating to me. It became apparent something would have to give.

But the main reason is multifaceted. My biggest dream is centered in writing, a topic I am sure I have discussed multiple times in the past. But briefly, I want to write novels, and in the meantime, greatly enjoy writing blog posts and articles on all subjects from fashion, book, and movie reviews to science, history, and crafting. I plan to commit a majority of my time to this from now on.

Démodé Summer Cowl

Then again, I am far from out of the crochet business scene. Once a crochet pattern designer, always one, right? I still have oodles of ideas and finished projects that sit and collect dust. The family can only use so much. I will talk more on this in a later post.

The fact is, I have sincerely felt God leading me in this direction for a long time. I had so many questions and fears. What about my financial situation? What about this, what about that? All of which still tries to wheedle in and discourage me. But I believe that when God calls a person He also equips them. If He wanted me to quit, then He must have something better for me. I just have to have faith and be patient.

Custom Monogrammed Infinity Scarf

And you know what, I have already had a few orders for some of my work. A friend has requested me to make 5 monogrammed scarves (see this post for more on monogrammed scarves), and I have another order for a toddler's bag. To you this may mean little, but to me, it is God's encouragement. I know He has something great in store for me, it's the waiting patiently that I am asked to do. Pray that I succeed!

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