What Some Will Do For God - A Late Thanksgiving Post

(I wrote this before Thanksgiving but was unable to post it due to time constraints --as well as the fact that I had made a pact with myself not to do anything that would give me neck pain which would result in a ruined holiday. Needless to say, that was a hard pact to keep. ...And in writing this post, I kind of broke it.)

We all know the story leading up to the first Thanksgiving, and because of that familiarity we often overlook the gravity of the account. Let's think about it briefly.

Some of the believers in England agreed that the laws put on them from the King regarding their religious rights were keeping them from worshiping God as they knew was right. It soon became apparent that they would have to make a choice: bow to man or bow to God. They chose to bow to God because they respected Him and knew that in His hands they would be secure.

They left their homes where generations of families lived to endure hardship, because pleasing God was more important to them than their comfort. If they hadn't had faith in God's perfect purpose for their lives, we wouldn't have America today.

Their decision was based upon the belief that God's will was higher than any man's, that He was the Creator of life, and that not only did He hold their very being in His hand but He cared for them beyond human understanding.

The question that I put to you today is, what would you have done? Do you love and respect God enough to make scary, life altering choices for Him? Think about it, what if the pilgrims hadn't decided to trust God and come to America? The thing is, we all will have to make that decision personally at some point or another, to do what is right and obey God, no matter the cost, or remain in our comfort zone and therefore miss His best.

Although we may never have to make a decision so tremendous as the pilgrims did, we will have our own decisions to make. Will we have the courage to do the right thing? The pilgrims had the courage only because of they trusted in God.

I pray that I will have as much courage when my turn to make such hard choices come.

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