Year: 2016

A Year in a Nutshell (Plus Next Years Goals)

Like so many others at this time of year I like to look back over the last 12 months and give it some thought. I’m that sort of person. Sometimes I berate myself on my mistakes or cringe at my regrets, but more often I […]

My Favorite Part of Christmas

Simplify Christmas, celebrate Christ. A few years ago my mother bought a lovely Christmas plaque with the above saying written on it. She has placed it over our mantle as a temporary seasonal replacement for a picture that reads, “Home — Where Each lives for […]

Poinsettia Shimmer Garland | Free Crochet Pattern

  You can purchase an inexpensive copy of this pattern in my stores Ravelry and Etsy!    As I am writing this, a pre-Christmas turkey is baking in the oven, and cranberry sauce is cooling in the fridge. Above the computer where I am working, […]

Old World Christmas Plaque | A Mixed Media Project

Here I am again with an old-fashioned inspired piece I call Old World Christmas, made with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and lots of vintage charm. If you are interested in how I did it and what inspired me, then read on. Inspiration A few years ago, […]

Snowflake Shimmer Garland | Free Crochet Pattern

  (Get an inexpensive copy of this pattern in my stores at Ravelry and Etsy!) Winter makes me think of a great many things, and I am sure you can name them with me: cold, warm drinks, sweaters, fires in the fireplace (if you are […]

Old World Christmas, Crochet Garland, and Chubby Clay Characters

I’m chiding myself for letting nearly two weeks go by without blogging. This year I have been really proud of my blogging commitment, but with the holidays here, these commitments seem to fly out the proverbial window. What have you missed during this time? All […]

By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953) | Movie and Fashion Review

And here we are again for the list of fall favorites! For years we watched On Moonlight Bay and loved it. But more recently we were ecstatic to discover its sequel, By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Since the movie centers on Thanksgiving and […]

Vintage Polka Dot Dress and Hair Wraps | 50’s Fashion

There was a time when I wanted my entire wardrobe to be vintage. At that stage of my life I was a stalwart 40’s – 50’s fashion advocate and I frowned upon any later period fashion. Note that I was quite young and impressionable. I’ve […]

Charlemagne Cowl | New Crochet Pattern

Each day I don a sweater jacket or my Peruvian tunic in the morning only to shed it by midday. Yet I am not disappointed; it is finally getting colder here in the Mid-South! I’ve been eyeballing my sweaters, telling them it won’t be long. […]

Cowl with Lion Brand Landscape Yarn | Crochet Pattern Coming Soon!

Heads up, everyone! I will be posting this crochet pattern very soon, but at the moment I am trying to choose a name for it. Here are my options: Buckingham CowlCharlemagne CowlNotre Dame CowlSpires and Parapets Cowl What do you think? My ever-helpful siblings gave […]