First Hang Up – New Name?

Before I made the decision to give my blog an overhaul I ran across a blogger who gave a lot of advice on rebranding. You may be familiar with her (Cori at Hey, Let’s Make Stuff). I had no idea what ‘rebranding’ was so I took the time to learn what it was all about. At the time I thought this a little more than was necessary for me but I tucked it away for future reference.

I’ve come to reconsider.

My first order of business, before any redesigning took place, was to buy my domain name. From there I planned to choose a color palette and design my new header. Although I do not like GoDaddy in general, due to past incidents, I decided I would register my new URL with them and use Wonder Forest’s coupon and tutorial. The first step is to, naturally, register my domain name.

And guess what? Mine was taken (I’m sure you guessed that).

I can’t say that I am surprised either. I mean, Over the Horizon is pretty generic. I’ve thought of this before, only I had the idea that ‘rebranding’ (as now I know it is called) would be extremely complicated. But most of all –I had no idea what to change to.

Now it is necessary. And I suppose a good thing. Maybe it will be the making of me. That is, if I can do it right. The two blogs I’ve mentioned already will definitely be seeing a lot of me in the near future.

In creating a name for your blog it is pretty wise to come up with something simple but unique, something that will describe what you write about in just a few easy to remember (and write) words. You don’t have to be a blog expert to know that.

Okay, so… a name relating to what I write about. That is not so easy.

I’ve often chided myself on the plethora of topics featured here on my blog:

Vintage fashion,
Movie reviews,
Spiritual growth,
Science (at least two categories), and
random human interest stories.

Professionals say that too many interests divides the readers and confuses people, making them less likely to return. Only you can tell me if this is true with my blog. It’s kind of impossible to see your own blog through fresh eyes.

This internal discussion has hassled me for years. And now it rears its ugly head in this situation as well. How can I create a name that encompasses all I write about when in one post I talk about the COTS outbreaks (the Crown-of-Thorns sea star) and in the next outline how to make a snowflake necklace?

Am I over worrying? I would like my method to be acceptable but if it is not then I won’t be happy with it.

Much to think about. Any thoughts?

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