Time for a Remodel!

As I said in my last post, I am remodeling this place! There's a handful of things that just don't gel to me and I want them to. My banner for one. I had a great time creating it but the colors just don't stand out like they should. My background is more vibrant than my banner. I have a few ideas now as to how I could have done it instead but I have also learned some other ways of making a header and therefore want to follow that path instead. But that's not all.

What my blog looks like now (for posterity sake).

Here's a sample of my blog remodel to-do list:

  • New template
  • Color palette
  • Header
  • Signature
  • Domain name
I've done my research and everyone seems to recommend Wordpress over Blogger, that is, if you want complete control. But I am not sure I want to make that leap. I have 190 posts that would somehow have to be moved (frankly, I am hoping if it ever comes down to that I will discover another way) and I just don't like the sound of it. And yet I have to admit, the control Wordpress offers is very tempting. Plus, I have worked with it in other areas of business. But for now I am staying with BlogSpot.

Let's talk color palette!

As opposed to past attempts at choosing a good design for my blog, I have a definite idea of what I want. Well, close to definite.

Here are two of my Color Appeal boards on Pinterest I intend to use (one or the other) as palette guidelines for my new design.

Color Appeal: Warm Vintage on Pinterest
This one is warm, earthy, and a bit fibrous, giving off a real cozy feeling. Being a green hazel-eyed red-head, these colors are the ones I naturally gravitate toward for my clothing style. You can check out further pins by going to my board.

The negative with that palette is the possibility of too much dark. I don't like a lot of dark so I would have to take care to balance it.

Color Appeal: Soft Vintage on Pinterest
This one is a little cooler, definitely lighter, with a flair for vintage. I am attracted to this palette, strange as it may seem in light of what I said before about earthy tones being my thing. Antique, vintage lace --I am a sucker for old-fashioned. Want to see some more? Check out my board.

The negative to this is how close it is to pastel. I do not want a pastel blog. Each of these tones have that quality but they are slightly darker, or warmer than pastels. I hope to keep it that way if I choose to go with this palette.

Unfortunately, I can't decide between the two palettes. I want to choose the one that I am going to be happy with for a long time but I am just not sure which it is. And before I design my header it would be a good idea to have this part of the decision making solidified.

So what do you think? Which palette would best describe my blog? What can you see me using most?

And yet this isn't my only hold up. Just when I know what I want and go to get it, it is not available! So more changes are in order. Check back soon to read what it's all about!!

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