Decorating a Valentines Heart Wreath

Happy Valentines, dear readers!

It is just around the corner, you know. Of course, I decorated for it shortly after Christmas. I can't help it, it is just one of my favorite holidays. The pretty colors have something to do with it, the simple gifts help, and the quaint dinner on the day is always a specialty. Place all of that in a mixing bowl and add the fact that my birthday is only a few days after and you have my reason for loving Valentines, and consequently, all of February.

Making decorations is something I love to do, whether simple or elaborate. So today I want to share with you my latest Valentine's creation.

But before we start I want to apologize for my absence this past week. I have had a list of posts just waiting for me to write but unfortunately I caught the virus going round and my plans got put on the back burner. I am feeling better though today and the old zeal is returning. So hopefully I will make amends for the lost time. By the way, if you run into errors of any sort in this blog post, note that I blame them entirely upon my illness.

On with the creativity!

Every time I walk into Hobby Lobby I naturally keep my eyes open for some new inspiration. And this last time, with Valentines in the air, my course was set. With disappointment, Mom and I agreed the selection this year was sadly lacking but I still came out with a few satisfying pieces: garland for the window, a plain wicker heart wreath, and some ribbon.

I know step-by-step pictures would have been nicer but I did this when the lighting wasn't right and I wasn't prepared to compensate. But don't you worry, it is insanely simple.

This is what you will need:

  • wicker wreath
  • one yard of ribbon or so
  • tiny buttons
  • hot glue

Began by holding the ribbon end with your finger along the back where you might wish to secure it and simply wrap the ribbon around to get an idea of how tight you will want it. When you get the general idea go ahead and squeeze a blob of hot glue onto the back of the wreath and plant the ribbon end onto it. 

Now wrap the ribbon spool around another inch or two and secure again along the back with hot glue. Continue wrapping and gluing until you have returned to where you began. Secure with hot glue on the back.

With another strand of ribbon, about 12 inches or so, tie a bow around the hearts middle indention and glue to secure it. I made sure I added enough to keep the bow in the right position and protect from unraveling. 

Now for the best part: buttons!! I bought these for a project I haven't even begun and consequently, am using them up. They are just too darn cute! I hot glued them at different intervals. You decide what looks nice on your wreath. Or if you have something else in mind other than buttons go ahead and do that instead. 

By the way, do you burn yourself often with hot glue? Heh heh... I can get pretty clumsy myself. In fact, this little project cost me a burn on my finger and a melted spot on the table. I am really ashamed of myself. I will have to take more careful measures next time. 

And that does it. What do you think of my little wicker heart wreath? I've hung mine on my door. What kind of ideas do you have for decorating yours? Let me know in the comment section below!

And stay tuned for new blog updates!

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  1. Great project...I shall have to try this next year!