Month: March 2016

Introducing Ginger Peachy!

I have finally settled on a name! Introducing Ginger Peachy!! Now when you want to find me you can type in my new address,, and there I am. Of course, you can still type in the old address and get there too. It is […]

The Mod Party

Jeannie appears suddenly on Tony’s car to inform him of an invitation to a mod party. If you’ve ever watched an episode of I Dream of Jeannie you will have most likely noticed her bright and exuberant costume. The episode we’re looking at today nearly […]

Teddy Bear Toddler Tote | Free Crochet Pattern

  This post may contain affiliate links. See Site Policy for details.   (Find a digital copy of this pattern in my stores, Ginger Peachy Store on¬†Ravelry and Etsy!)   Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! As promised, one spanking new crochet pattern: the Teddy […]

Why I Think Today’s Pants are Unflattering on the Feminine Figure

Once in a blue moon we’ll watch an episode of Macgyver on Amazon Prime Video, and although it’s no match for my favorite special agent TV series, Mission: Impossible, it’s enjoyable for the most part. I like Macgyver’s rugged ingenuity and hometown frankness, as well […]

March’s (Creative) To-Do List and Crochet Pattern Sneak Peek

This month hosts some pretty spectacular events in the years repertoire. Namely, St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, and most of all, Easter Sunday! In my opinion, planning for a holiday is more enjoyable than actually celebrating it (if that even makes sense). […]

Riddle Me This: What Is Perfect and Lasts Forever?

Glitch. Slip. Miss-fire. Hesitate. Fail. Run out. All are terms we use to describe the malfunctions of life. Try as we might, we simply cannot attain complete perfection in anything we create or encounter. We believe we’re close to it, and at times think we […]