Introducing Ginger Peachy!

I have finally settled on a name!

Introducing Ginger Peachy!!

Now when you want to find me you can type in my new address,, and there I am. Of course, you can still type in the old address and get there too.

It is so nice to go from that long URL to something simple and easy to remember.

I thought that I was settled before this when I decided on The Mossy Mushroom. But I didn’t like the article in the name, and yet I couldn’t get the domain without it.

My sister was the one who unknowingly gave me the idea for Ginger Peachy. And when she said it it was like a bell went off in my head. It was what I had been waiting for for a while and finally it happened.

I felt it connected to me in many ways. One, “ginger” is another name for a redhead (which I am, if you didn’t know). Second, saying your “ginger peachy” was like “I’m doing great!” and sounded very positive for a blog title. And thirdly, the colors that come to mind when you think of ginger and peach are the same orange and yellow-like colors that I love to use.

Naturally I spent a few days thinking on it to be sure because I still didn’t want to give up The Mossy Mushroom. But I could tell I was really leaning toward Ginger Peachy.

I bought the domain from Go Daddy for 99 cents, can you believe it? I compared it to NameCheap and and a handful of other registrars but decided to go with Go Daddy after all. I was skeptical, and still am, but we’ll see how they turn out.

If you didn’t know that you can set up a custom domain for your BlogSpot I would advise you to visit Dana’s post at and check out how simple it can be. Granted, her post is a few years old and some small things have changed. For instance, instead of “add a domain” in your blog settings it says “add a 3rd party URL”. And then a few other things like the amount of time it took for your URL to verify. She said it would take a few hours but mine worked instantly. Obviously people have updated since the post, and that can be expected, but it worked, needless to say, anyway. And I couldn’t have done it without Dana’s incredibly explanatory tutorial.

So what is next on my list for remodeling?

You will have noticed my hastily made banner…

I thought a good explanation would be in order and what better way than a new banner. But trust me, I plan on sketching out something much more artistic than that so keep on the look out. It may take me a few weeks, but most likely it will take me a month or so.

After that comes the color changes and the template updates and the favicon and et cetera. I also plan to put a watermark on all my pictures. Formerly I didn’t take my pictures seriously because I am not a photographer and just take photos for my blog (though I still wanted them to be professional quality). But I see the importance of it now.

I must send a most grateful thanks to my mother for helping to get me out of a rut. I have this incredibly bad tendency to let things –simple things– become too important. I was treating my blog like a business and expecting perfection. Plus, I wasn’t really enjoying it either. Mom helped me clarify what I really wanted out of my blog and now I am ready to start again with less intensity.

So what do you think about my ideas?

What do you think about my new domain address?

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