The Mod Party

Jeannie appears suddenly on Tony’s car to inform him of an invitation to a mod party.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of I Dream of Jeannie you will have most likely noticed her bright and exuberant costume. The episode we’re looking at today nearly takes the cake.

It’s called The Mod Party and gives a glance at the more eclectic styles of the period not often showcased in this series. Ready to be inspired?

Jeannie shopping for (and modifying) the perfect mod dress.

In this era “mod” is a term usually used to refer to something from the 60’s. As you may have guessed, “mod” is short for modern, as opposed to “trad” which stands for traditional.

Originating in London, it was used to describe “young modern jazz fans who dress in sharp modern Italian clothes”. Culture broadened the term and others since have said that it “had its roots in the 1950’s beatnik coffee bar culture” where radical art students hung out in the early Bohemian scene.

By the time it became big in America it mostly stood for all that was new and was related more to pop culture and British musicians. Need I bring up the heavy influence of the Beatles?

Mrs. Bellows surprised to hear Lt. Nelson going to a party when he was supposed to be at her husbands meeting.

On a more average note, here Mrs. Bellows wears the classic 60’s fashion for women. The coat is a lovely taupe wool while the fur adds the perfect touch of class, but can you guess why I love it so much? The buttons!! They are easily 2 inches in circumference and absolutely incredible. (Visit this post for another look at spectacular buttons).

Jeannie showing off her “customized” outfit for the party.

Here is another dress I first saw in the I Dream of Jeannie dress-up game. And guess what, I loved it! That is, then, when I was younger. I look at the mix of purples now and can only shake my head. A plum colored hat, belt and hose, with violet boots. Tsk, tsk.

But that green is pretty awesome.

A good look at late 60’s shoes.

Dig those shoes, man!

This episode of I Dream of Jeannie was pretty simple, spending most of the running time showing off the peculiarity of the mod party guests costumes and dancing, while playing only lightly on Tony and Roger’s present difficult situation. It was obvious this was more of a “mod” fashion show.

Jeannie exclaiming over how fun the party is.

Tony sheds the normal blue military dress suit and dons some pretty crazy styles: a mustard yellow button-up with autumn-toned tie and a short-waisted periwinkle blazer with chocolate colored corduroys.

Roger, a little more tame in his color choice, wears a macaroni yellow button-up, blue tie and gray plaid blazer with blue jeans.

The arrival of the Bellows cause Tony and Roger a little awkwardness and Jeannie tries to help.

When Dr. Bellows and his wife show up by surprise, Jeannie transforms Tony and Roger’s clothes to something that would look like they were going hunting as an excuse for them being there instead of at Dr. Bellows meeting. As usual her accuracy of the time period is a bit off.

As a breath of conservative air, Mrs. Bellows wears an orange party dress with long pearls. This dress looks close to something I saw in the store the other day, and I must say, I really wanted to get it. Although I don’t normally wear orange (greens and mustard yellows being my favorite) I would love a version of this dress.

And did you notice her hem? I know I have brought this up before but the 2 to 3 inch hem has sadly gone out of style. In my opinion, it looked nicer and was more practical for preventing the flyaway skirt.

And that does it! I know you will agree that the styles here from 1967 are not all too foreign from the style of today. If only they would keep up the integrity of the material as well as the cut.

Be sure to tell me what you think in the comments below!

Facts on the Mod culture taken from Wikipedia

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