Month: April 2016

From Background to Header And On

I finally did it! That’s what I keep telling myself when I realize I finally digitally designed something as big as my blog background. I’ve watched certain members of my family create digital designs time and again and I am always amazed. But, golly, when […]

Learning Endurance, Slowly

In these last few months I have had the chance to observe multiple species of birds caring for their nest through the live cameras at These beautiful and ornate creatures are helping to teach me a lesson. I would like to share it with […]

The Craft Drawer – Dritz Unique Stitch Adhesive

My poodle skirt out for the first time in years. Years ago, my family and I put on a 50’s show with some friends at our local theater. We wanted the costumes and set to be as genuine as we could make them. Poodle skirts […]

Decisions Behind, Exciting Ideas Ahead

It feels good to have clarity and know that I have finally come to the point where I can proceed. As I have said before, it takes me eons to make certain decisions. And this blog remodeling, although what some might call trivial, has been […]

It Happened, I’ve Finally Found My Niche!

Early stages of banner design. Much to do yet! With this blog remodeling I have asked myself some pretty defining questions, one of which is the oldest in the book: what is my purpose? For my blog, that is. Well, obviously I blog because I […]

A Year Ago Today

Picture courtesy of Alissa Yarbrough April Fool’s Day has never been a day I cared to celebrate. I am not a person who likes to pull pranks and naturally do not like pranks being pulled on me. But I feel fairly safe because most of […]