Decisions Behind, Exciting Ideas Ahead

It feels good to have clarity and know that I have finally come to the point where I can proceed. As I have said before, it takes me eons to make certain decisions. And this blog remodeling, although what some might call trivial, has been one of those "certain decisions".

First it was deciding on a new name, then it was whether I should switch platforms, then it was the banner, and the overall subject I should revolve my blog around. I make mountains out of mole-hills, I know. But if honesty is the first step to recovery then you'd think I would be better by now.

Border Closeup of my Sorbet Baby Blanket for Crochet Spot

Anyhow, decisions have been made and are thankfully behind me now. At the moment I am in the advanced stages of my banner design and trying to learn how to handle the Wacom tablet as well as Gimp. Let me tell you, this is going to be a learning curve for sure. Or maybe learning "corner" because I foresee it being exceedingly difficult.

In the meantime, I plan to introduce another series --in a corresponding topic with what I write already.

It's only natural that in my creative experiences I have come to rely on certain products to give me the effect I am looking for in a project. I have a host of material and experiences I have decided to share with you in future Product Review posts.

For example, I will talk about my favorite yarns and those that I avoid, other tools of the crocheting trade such as hooks and markers, and tools that can be used in multiple crafts. We'll see what I can find as we go along.

It does seem a little ironic though, narrowing my scope of writing only to broaden it by adding another topic. But it really isn't the same thing... right?

Border Closeup of my Candy Colors Baby Blanket for Crochet Spot

Those leaning more toward fashion and beauty might be interested to know that I have also considered doing cosmetic and beauty-related reviews. If you think this will be a topic you'd like to read about be sure to tune in and let me here your voice.

The fact is, reviews are not really new here on Ginger Peachy. I've been doing movie reviews for many years and have even published a few book reviews. I think it's time to try my wings on something else. What do you say? Is it something you think you'd be interested in?

My first review will be on Dritz Unique Stitch stitchless sewing adhesive. Look for it soon!

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