It Happened, I’ve Finally Found My Niche!

Early stages of banner design. Much to do yet!

With this blog remodeling I have asked myself some pretty defining questions, one of which is the oldest in the book: what is my purpose? For my blog, that is.

Well, obviously I blog because I love to write and a blog is the perfect tool in which to do this, giving the blogger a chance to try their hand at many different interests and find their niche. But I’m not a newbie and this blog idea is for keeps.

So the question turned into more of: what do I really want out of my blog?

I waded through my many interests and tried to be honest with myself. And do you know what I found out? Probably 70% of my blog centers on the creative –crafts and do-it-yourself kind of things. I am a creative person; it’s what I was made to do. Now, as for the quality of the creativity, well, that remains to be seen.

Thus I have come to see my blog in a new light. After many years of struggling to feel good about it, I can now say I have found where it fits in. I have found my niche and it’s creativity.

In the past I was afraid that I wrote on too many topics here on my blog, and as you know, anytime you ask for blogging advice they will always tell you to find your niche, saying that those who just right about any old thing have fewer consistent readers.

I can understand that but for me the alternative was to simply stop writing on certain topics. I couldn’t do that. I felt I was sacrificing too much of myself. And so I struggled for years on what to do.

Frankly, it was really a (small) journey of coming to an understanding of myself and what I write about, as well as learning to relax and let my style come together itself. I can’t say that journey has come to an end but I do believe I have finally reached the top of my greatest mountain.

I am now pretty confident on the route I have decided on. Getting an idea of what you want is very important but for some people, me for instance, this can take a lot of time and struggling with oneself.

When I began to realize that creativity could be the direction for me I began browsing other craft blogs to get an idea of how varied they were when it came to different topics. I was surprised that many craft bloggers write on a great deal more than crafts and I think this gave me the confidence I needed.

There is one topic I have had to sacrifice though, and that’s marine science. Having scientific posts on a crafting and fashion blog just doesn’t seem to meld, which is very depressing. I am not going to throw it out for good though. Once I have finished my blog makeover I am planning on starting another blog just for marine and maritime science and history. We’ll see how it turns out.

Now that I feel I have a handle on things, and have shared my feelings with you, I want to hear your thoughts. What do you think? Do you think I am on the right track? What kind of posts do you want to see here on Ginger Peachy?

Thanks for reading! And come back soon to read my announcement of a new blog series!

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