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My poodle skirt out for the first time in years.

Years ago, my family and I put on a 50's show with some friends at our local theater. We wanted the costumes and set to be as genuine as we could make them. Poodle skirts were a must and I guess you could call it a dream come true for me. Dad did the actual sewing and Mom and I did the cutting and the ironing and etc. (I wasn't as experienced at sewing at the time. Though I still wouldn't call myself that experienced now).

When the skirts were fitted and sewn we decorated each one differently. I decided on a rather traditional puppy applique but put it on with velcro so that I could use the same skirt later on with a different patch. I can't remember if I knew for sure that I would need it or I just did it on a whim, but some time later we put on a Christmas show and I wore it with Christmas ornaments instead of the puppy.

Velcro-ed puppy applique.

In designing the skirt, we used Dritz Unique Stitch adhesive to secure the strands of sequins and appliques. It didn't take long to hold and worked like a charm. We cut the costume making rather close to opening night and so were very grateful for the quick drying adhesive.

Unfortunately that was many years ago and I haven't had the chance since to don the retro piece. It sits at the back of my closet covered up to keep the dust and age off. But the good news is that even now the sequins have not come off nor has the adhesive caused any discoloration. Since then, my family and I have used Dritz Unique Stitch on a number of things from new projects to repairs on old ones.

About the Product

Dritz Unique Stitch Fabric Glue
Dritz Unique Stitch adhesive comes in an easy to use tube of 1 1/4 oz. It is non-toxic, dries invisible, fairly quick drying, washable, although it is recommended that the product just freshly glued is not washed for 24 hours afterward, and when it does dry it is permanent. In special cases they say it can even be dry-cleaned, but this I have not tested.

It claims to bond "most washable fabrics", and so far I've found this to be true with everything I've used it on. And I've used it on a number of different mediums for various reasons.

Here are some examples:

Attaching Appliques and Other Embellishments

Woodland Book Bag (crochet pattern)

Appliques are small embellishments that I consider worthy of gluing. Many of the appliques I work with I have also crocheted (as you can see for example in the picture above of the Woodland Book Bag) and are therefore easy enough to sew on; even so, I prefer to glue them to save time. Another reason I like to turn to glue for appliques and other such embellishments is to achieve that seamless look, as if the article is staying on by sheer will-power with no visible reason.

Hard to Sew Areas

Verdant Hexagon Bag (crochet pattern)

When designing my Verdant Hexagon Bag for Crochet Spot I was so focused on properly working the bag and attaching the handles that I made a mistake. I couldn't machine sew the liner in with the large bamboo rings already attached. Rather than taking the finished bag apart or hand-sewing it, I decided to try Unique Stitch. This was probably the biggest no-sew attempt I had made so far, and since. I need not say how skeptical I was that it would last. As you can see the bag is medium sized and able to hold the average weight of purse products. By gluing the liner I did not sacrifice the integrity of the design and instead got a great many months of use out of it.

I did run into one downside though.

I went to handwash the bag and was surprised afterward that the liner was coming loose in some areas. Since I have washed projects I had used the glue on before I couldn't figure out why it was coming loose now. The jury is still out on this situation and I can only guess the cleaning product I had used to disinfect the bag previously had played a role in its failure to hold permanently. I will follow the instructions more closely next time and go thicker on heavier projects.

Doll Sun Hat (crochet pattern)

Invisible Attachment 

I recently received a pair of Minnetonka's with leather ties on the top of the foot. I fell in love with these shoes but soon became exasperated when the ties were constantly coming loose. So I took up the ever faithful Unique Stitch and said, "Why not?" After tying the leather strands for the last time I covered them in a healthy dose of glue. I'm happy to say the glue dried invisible and the ties have not so much as budged since.

Random Repairs

Unique Stitch is our "superglue" go-to for fabric. We've used it on stuffed animal injuries, frayed ribbon ends, and even patches on jeans.

Pumpkin Mug Cozy (crochet pattern)

In conclusion, if you asked me if I would recommend this product to a fellow crafter I would say "Most definitely!" Granted, I haven't anything to compare it to because, in my book, if it works why try something else? It's the best thing for people like me that do not have a place to keep the sewing machine set up 24/7. Although I am not one to condone cutting corners, it's much easier to whip out a tube of fabric glue than to lug out the sewing machine when it comes to small projects. Especially if your machine is problematic like mine.

And that does it for my first product review. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experiences and opinions and will come back soon for more.

In the meantime, don't leave without sending me a message telling me what you thought about the post. Have you tried Unique Stitch before? What were your experiences with it?

One last note, if you have a product you would like me to review, add that to your comment as well and we'll see what happens.

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