Month: May 2016

Why I Prefer to Roll My Yarn (Before Using It)

Four balls of Caron One Pound Rolling my yarn into a ball is the first thing I do before starting a project.  Rolling your yarn into balls is a practice that goes way back before there were machines to do it for you. My first […]

My Studio and My Yarn Stash

You enter a fairly large room with dark hardwood flooring and light colored walls, where light from the ceiling-to-floor windows on the opposite side of the room result in natural illumination most of the day. Perpendicular to the windowed wall is where my large and […]

Nancy Drew, Legendary Sleuth

Nancy Drew, Legendary Sleuth

  “Nancy recalled that it was sometimes possible to pick a lock with a wire. She removed a bobby pin from her hair…”    [Book 1, pg 112]   Nancy Drew has been an iconic figure in both literature and film for quite some time […]

Two Seventies Ensembles – Yellow Floral or Buttoned Down

Often when you do an online search of the clothing style of a certain period the result is usually a selection of the most popular or dramatic. Dramatic, more so, when the period was known for being revolutionary. This is usually a misinterpretation of the […]