My Studio and My Yarn Stash

You enter a fairly large room with dark hardwood flooring and light colored walls, where light from the ceiling-to-floor windows on the opposite side of the room result in natural illumination most of the day. Perpendicular to the windowed wall is where my large and antique white desk sits covered in pieces of the trade, tins of scissors, hooks, buttons, snaps, felt and et cetera. Beside the desk is a large work table with adjustable height.

On the other side of the room stands another work table, slightly smaller and suitable for packaging and the like. Also on that side of the room, and in the empty space of the other side, stands multiple antique, dressers and bookcases of different heights filled with yarn, books, and material.

Then again, maybe I should put the main work table in front of the window to provide for better lighting. But then my desk would be farther away… Maybe both work tables should be on one side and the other filled with bookcases and dressers.

Well, a girl can dream can’t she!

Nothing is more exciting, as well as discontenting, as looking at studio spaces on Pinterest. I pin this lovely desk and that beautiful dresser, and oh! take a look at that sewing machine! So vintage!

Actually, I have found Pinterest to be both inspiring and depressing. You pin all these things that you want and can’t have. Or places you wish you could travel to but are unable. I often wonder if my time on Pinterest only serves to make me ungrateful for what I have instead of content. It is easy to compare and scrutinize what others have and find yourself coveting than it is to be grateful for what you deem as less.

Maybe one day, I’ll warrant my own studio, who knows.

Until then, let me show you my present “studio” space.

Frankly, this is a leap of transparency for me. Our house is terribly 70’s; paneling galore. And I try my best not to photograph in it. Otherwise, I would have pictures of the Great Yarn Stash Organizing that just went on.

Long ago I ran out of “Rubbermaid” room and was left with cardboard boxes for storing my yarn. The boxes built up and up until the entrance to the room was rather crowded and the door wouldn’t open well. I should have bought more storage containers in the beginning but I was holding out for what I really wanted: antique chests and bookcases. I had the perfect distressed, white chest in mind to put at the foot of my bed for storing some of my yarn. I also had a lovely dresser with small drawers for my notions picked out.

Well, the chest was of my own imagination and so far I haven’t found one like it “around town”, so to speak. And the dresser? Well, I’m not actually sure there is a spot for it in the room right now. Yeah, I can’t make it my studio since I share it with two other girls. Although they accuse me of trying.

So anyway, I finally got another container, telling myself this wasn’t replacing the lovely chest and dresser idea, just postponing it. I decided to tackle the mountain of boxes and yarn Sunday afternoon. Surely it wouldn’t take that long, right? Actually, I didn’t really give it much thought.

It took me a couple of hours. I had the center space of our room entirely covered in yarn. I don’t really think it was a good idea to let my family see how much yarn I actually had. Now they will definitely roll their eyes when I say I need to buy more.

But I was so happy to get rid of those nasty cardboard boxes. It is so nice to have containers, albeit plastic, instead of cardboard. I also realized that I would need more containers. Next I am buying one with drawers for my notions, because right now they are in that bag and tea tin. (The tin is pretty cute though, huh?)

And then there are the few boxes I had to keep for storing my oodles of finished projects and not-so-finished projects. Sigh. I keep telling myself they will be gone soon. But then again, what do I do with all those insignificant projects I have amassed in my almost 3 years of designing for Crochet Spot? Most of them I don’t care enough for to sale but I would still hate to throw them away. And I can’t ditch them on family. Nope, I am not going to do it.

This little organizing attempt has also brought to mind just how many unfinished projects I have. I need to sew a liner for the Woodland bag in the picture, finish an afghan I have been working on for a few years now, as well as a crocheted tank top half completed, and at least three projects need ripping. Can I be disgusted with myself? Please?

But honestly, this happens. Especially when you work a job that keeps you crocheting constantly. You find that you crochet so much for business that personal projects get set aside all too often. Hence the unfinished afghan.

What about you? Do you amass partially completed patterns? How do you tackle it? And what about your yarn stash? Does yours look like mine or does it look like my dream studio? Don’t be stranger! Get in on the conversation and leave a comment.

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