Two Seventies Ensembles – Yellow Floral or Buttoned Down

Often when you do an online search of the clothing style of a certain period the result is usually a selection of the most popular or dramatic. Dramatic, more so, when the period was known for being revolutionary.

This is usually a misinterpretation of the facts. Not everyone in said era dressed as extreme as some would have you believe. Today I want to share with you two very simple and yet darling outfits from that revolutionary period, the seventies, that look like perfect choices for modern day.

The last season of the popular TV show Mission: Impossible was produced during the early 70’s, (1972 – 1973, to be exact) and I’ve had a great time watching the styles change from mid 60’s to early 70’s as the show lasted for seven seasons. Hairstyles became less trimmed, makeup grew more natural, and brother, lets not even begin to describe textile patterns.

Barbara Anderson played a special agent in 7 episodes of the last season while the shows usual, Lynda Day George, was out on maternity leave. She played a reformed felon called Mimi Davis and in this episode, her character (as Mimi) was to play a small town girl.

They dressed her in simple outfits consisting of cotton knit blouses and rather average, but lovely, skirts. Let’s take a look.

This is the first outfit Mimi wore as the small town girl. Her job was to get close to the enemy in order to find out where they had hidden a biological weapon, and what better way than as a waitress.

She wears a scoop necked, short sleeve knit shirt tucked into an a-line skirt that comes to about a foot above her knees. The bright red color of the shirt contrasts smartly with the soft yellow of the skirt for a rather typical example of the choice of colors during this period. I really love the gentle floral pattern on the skirt as well.

Her jewelry is quite simplistic, consisting of a plain gold chain necklace and a yellow wrist watch, which happens to be a tracking gadget. (Just had to add that last part.)

Rather briefly, I want to point out the natural choice of makeup she wears. No heavy liner or noticeable fake lashes. Her lip color looks like a frosted soft pink, reminding me of Revlon’s Silver City Pink lipstick.

The second outfit she wears combines muted tones while continuing the tendency toward colorful. This time she wears a pale pink polo buttoned down the front and another a-line skirt, periwinkle in color, also buttoned down the front (love the buttons, by the way).

The outfit is neatly separated by a dark-colored belt, an element of clothing forgotten in this day and age. For shoes she wears a simple pair of slip-on loafers. In recreating this outfit today one might easily be passed up as modern. I can’t figure out if that makes me happy or not. I love to look vintage, so when I do I want to be recognized as such. But on the other hand, you could easily wear this around without appearing as though you were in costume.

Of the two ensembles, I would have to say I love the color choice of the yellow floral skirt best but I really can’t say enough about the buttons down the front of the other one.

What do you think? Can you see yourself wearing these outfits? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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