Month: June 2016

Organizing My Thoughts (And My To-Do List)

I unsuspectingly came down with a rather strange illness last week and it has kept me pretty much down since. Once again, all my plans went out the window for a while. But I thank God my coughing is getting gentler and I have been […]

Button Obsession from Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent (1940)

“Tell him about your name and the two F’s!” My family and I have always loved a good mystery/thriller, so it’s is rather obvious that some of our favorites are Hitchcock’s. Charade, To Catch a Thief, Rebecca, Rear Window, etc, are great ones but are […]

Clover Split Ring Stitch Markers | Product Review

  This post contains affiliate links.   One of the first “big” projects I chose to make when I started crocheting was legwarmers. I could just imagine myself wearing them over my jeans like they did in the 80’s (so I was told) with a […]

Things That Keep Me From Crocheting As Much As I’d LIke

I love to craft, especially crochet. That’s why I’ve recently reshaped the purpose of my blog, so that I could spend more time sharing with you my creative adventures. But as with all things there are hindrances. Time is definitely one, and work is another. But […]

Neutral, Light Blue, or Green | Retro Makeup

As you may already know, I truly love to gab about past fashions. If you take a look at my fashion page you will see some of the previous posts I’ve written on the subject. And of course, nothing gets me started like an old […]

Check That Off My List

Background for my blog, Ginger Peachy Little by little, it is getting done. My blog remodeling, that is. I have checked a few more things off my to-do list and am happily getting nearer completion. My blogs header is obviously taking the longest and there […]