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Background for my blog, Ginger Peachy

Little by little, it is getting done.

My blog remodeling, that is. I have checked a few more things off my to-do list and am happily getting nearer completion. My blogs header is obviously taking the longest and there are a few things that depend upon its finish before they can come about, such as blog font and colors.

I was spending a great deal of time per day on Gimp working on my header but, not surprising, I strained my eyes and put myself down for nearly a whole week. So needless to say, it will take me some time. But hey, I am half-way done, or thereabouts.

In the beginning I felt my blog needed a cleaner look. You know, smooth and sleek. I would prefer to have designed my own template (I’m that particular) but I don’t have the qualities for that right now. So instead I chose one of Blogger’s Simple templates and decided to let my background and header be the highlights. I really like it so far; what do you think?

Then there’s my favicon. Did you notice it? My little sister is a graphics genius and so I gladly relinquished the job of creating one to her. I gave her my idea and we worked on it until I was satisfied. Pretty cute, huh? You can’t get much better than two mushrooms. Except if you were to add a hedgehog.

My new favicon.

I thought I had chosen a good watermark when I posted From Background to Header and On but now I am not sure I like it. I have that and my post signature awaiting further detail. I am so picky when it comes to fonts! Not too fancy but not stuffy. Not silly but not boring. Not too irregular but definitely not normal. See what I mean?

Why the Name Change?

For about a year I have been using the alias Molloy instead of Yarbrough. If you have been reading my blog for a while you may have noticed that change last year. I did it for safety and privacy, all of which I have found are not to be had on the internet. I wanted to separate my online persona from my real one.

Right off I noticed some problems with the name change. There were friends of the family on social media that didn’t know who I was. And it took a little clarification for family as well. But I stuck with it.

When I was working on my watermark I realized that if I put my alias on it there may be legal complications in the future. But to put my real name on it would entirely defeat my purpose. Upon closer inspection of the law in matters of this kind I found that I would have to buy and register my alias in order to cover these legal discrepancies.

I weighed the importance of this endeavor and asked whether it was worth the time and money it would take to create a legitimate pen name. As you can see, I have ended up losing the assumed name. It’s kind of a let down after so long and going to so much work in the beginning. But maybe it is for the best.

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