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As you may already know, I truly love to gab about past fashions. If you take a look at my fashion page you will see some of the previous posts I’ve written on the subject. And of course, nothing gets me started like an old movie or TV show.

In this post I want to focus on the makeup of the early 70’s. The picture references come from the original Hawaii Five-O TV series and the original Mission: Impossible TV series, which I think tops any and all remakes.
If you have paid any attention to makeup during this period you will have noticed the heavy liner. Let’s take a look at three different women wearing this style of makeup.
This actress played on an episode of Hawaii Five-O. The overall colors of her makeup are neutral with light rosy tones for added color. No doubt her lashes are false, as this was a big thing at the time. But her liner must be a few centimeters thick. Notice the highlights on the brow bone and the lightness of the lid for contrast against the dark liner.
This actress is also from an episode of Hawaii Five-O. The colors are still fairly neutral only the shadow used is almost a light blue. Because of the shape of her eyes the highlight on the brow bone is not so bold. But she still wears the signature liner.
In an episode of Mission: Impossible, this actress plays the female lead. Right off we can see that the colors used on her are a little more dramatic. Upon first glance you might assume that her shadow is two tone, green and a brown. Thankfully the cinematographer gave me a closeup.
What do you think of that? The layer of dark liner is followed with a brilliant green liner reaching only a little higher and following the exact shape. As a fan of green makeup, and having had the opportunity to play with multiple pieces of like-colored cosmetics, I find this inspiring. The lines were drawn with expert precision that any makeup artist would envy. The green is also worn under the eye and given a slight flair past the eye. For the brow bone color I would say they used a more obvious bronze. This look would probably have to be my favorite of the three. 
What do you think? Have you ever tried this retro style before? Which would you consider to be the better of the three?
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past. I have a few crochet patterns I plan on sharing with you soon, that is, if my eyes will permit me. I hope to be able to do something about that soon. But check back soon anyway. You never know what you might find here at Ginger Peachy!
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