Organizing My Thoughts (And My To-Do List)

I unsuspectingly came down with a rather strange illness last week and it has kept me pretty much down since. Once again, all my plans went out the window for a while.

But I thank God my coughing is getting gentler and I have been feeling stronger. So I am endeavoring to return to life this week.

And with that resolve what do I do but sit here and stare at the blank page before me.

Baby blanket in progress

I have had so much trouble getting my thoughts together on the “next steps” lately. I’m all up in the air. I could blame it on my sickness, but it is definitely not something new.

A big part of my trouble has been from all the things I couldn’t do because of my eyes. As I have said in a past post, crocheting strained my eyes, reading, computer, and any detailed work. After weeks of fighting with headaches from eye strain I finally resolved to not do any of these things until I could do something about my eyes. Which means I haven’t crocheted in months! Ugh!

My snazzy new glasses

Well, I got my eyes checked and I have my glasses. (I would like to show you a picture of me with them but my eyes are still red from coughing). I have been instructed to wear them when –can you guess– reading, closeup work like crocheting, and computer usage. Now I am looking at all the things I used to do and have not been doing and going, “Where do I start?!”

I have the baby blanket for my cousin’s little one that I am still working on and the gift for my sister that I started more recently. I will hopefully be able to blaze back into this project and have a pattern for all of you pretty soon. I am definitely giving these glasses a workout. I just hope that I won’t put too much hope in them and be disappointed.

New project coming soon!

Then there is the strawberry garland I wanted to make but we’ll see if I get to that before fall arrives. Actually I have been out of the crocheting scene for so long I feel kind of like a newb again. I know that when I get back into it I will find the old groove, but I have to admit there is a bit of uneasiness.

In the meantime, I have a craft post I have been wanting to construct called The Bow Earrings. The first method for making these just wasn’t turning out and obviously I couldn’t meet the deadline I had for the post. But I have met myself back at the drawing board and hope to be able to present to you very soon the pattern and photo tutorial for The Bow Earrings (I might decide to call them something else). I can’t wait to see if you guys like them!

And yes, my header is still waiting in the sidelines. That has also been on a back burner because of my eyes. Lots of hopes, guys, lots of hopes!

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