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One of the first “big” projects I chose to make when I started crocheting was legwarmers. I could just imagine myself wearing them over my jeans like they did in the 80’s (so I was told) with a loose fitting sweater and outlandishly curly hair. I pictured Trish from SpaceCamp (1986) because, after all, what’s not to like about her style!

My first attempt at legwarmers wasn’t exactly a fail but the result didn’t look so authentic as I had planned. So I started again. Only this time with a bulky yarn. This, as it so happens, was my first time using this kind of yarn and it wasn’t long before I ran into trouble. Being so new to the craft I couldn’t discern between the stitches I had just made and I would end up ripping again and again, which then caused my fuzzy yarn to frizz even more. I definitely learned some things with that project.

And no, it didn’t turn out in the end either. My conclusion at the time was that crocheted stitches do not have the elasticity knitting has and so I decided to put off the legwarmers until I learned to knit. So far, I’m still putting it off because I haven’t yet taken the time to learn to knit.

With that project I realized I needed something to mark my stitches and as I did not have any official stitch markers I ended up using safety pins. Safety pins did the job but for various reasons I would not recommend them over actual stitch markers.

My next trip to the craft store resulted in a package of Coats & Clark Split Ring stitch markers, which I used afterward for many years and with great success. Since then however, many have broken and I have had to buy more. So this time I bought Clover’s brand of split ring stitch markers.

Clover’s Split Ring stitch markers in my crochet hook case, Three Strand Hook Case.

About the Product

People use stitch markers for many reasons, whether their craft is crocheting or knitting. Being a crocheter, I’m afraid I cannot help the knitter in this area seeing how knitters also find reason to use solid ring stitch markers and I could not imagine a use for them in crocheting.

From a crocheters perspective, stitch markers are as essential in some cases as the yarn and hook. I use them to mark all kinds of significant points in the pattern while crocheting, such as, where I joined a new ball of yarn, specific increases or decreases, where I have made a questionable pattern change in designing and might want to try something else. They come in really handy for amigurumi as well. I use them as place holders for features like eyes to make sure I like the alignment so there are less mistakes with the design. And then, I would be lost without them for holding seams together. I consider them my basting tools in these situations (easy and loose stitches in sewing) and wish I had something as convenient while sewing.

My very first crochet bag is still my crochet bag, covered in some of my favorite buttons.

With Clover’s Split Ring stitch markers you get three different colors, white, pink and blue. I often like to use the light colored ones for dark yarn and vice versa, but the white ones have come to stand for the beginning of the row for me. The fact that each marker is the same size does not hinder usage in varying yarn sizes for the most part, although they do seem a little much for thread. They have a tiny notch on the inner circle to insure they will not fall off and they have enough point to slide through any yarn without ripping fibers.

In the many projects I have used them for, not a one has broken. My only problem is that the plastic packaging is beginning to come apart, but after being opened and closed multiple times a day for many years, I really can’t complain.

What do you think? Are you familiar with this brand and style of markers? Are you a crocheter or a knitter? And either way, which type of markers do you prefer?

Thanks for reading!

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