Doing Slow Things in a Fast World

One of the things I find most relaxing is sitting down with a pen and a tablet and writing. Journaling, writing a draft for an upcoming post or article, or my personal favorite, scribbling down a new story idea. Despite this being the digital era where everything is kept on phones, computers and what-have-you, I still can't give up my pen and paper.

When I first started blogging I was sad that so much of what I did was not on paper. That is, until I started getting more serious about my posts and doing multiple edits. Now my first drafts are on paper and I type the edit.

But paper is my life. I currently have 12 tablets and counting. What do I do with so many tablets, you may ask? Oh everything, believe me.

2 for crocheting
5 for different writing venues
1 for random notes
3 for Bible study related topics
1 for records

And when I eventually start my business I know I'll have to get more. I don't know where I would be without my tablets. I've actually had an obsession with paper for a long time. In school I probably had three times the amount of binders the others had, and all of them full and being filled continually.

Writing is important to me, obviously.

I find it fun to imagine going to an old oak writing desk, selecting a piece of fine stationary and sitting down to write. Reminds me of period dramas.

That and finding a quiet corner to read a book. Doesn't it seem archaic? In this fast moving world, nothing seems more out of place than writing letters or reading books. I find myself getting so caught up in my goals and expectations that I forget the importance of sitting down and reading.

Now I could sit here all day listing the qualities of reading good books but you probably don't want me to do that. Instead I am going to make one point that qualifies for both writing letters and taking the time to read a good book:

It separates you temporarily from the immediacy of the world.

Or more simply put, it brings you down to earth. Once in a while, it is absolutely necessary to take a hiatus from life, however brief or often. I'm sure you have experienced the feeling of relief when you've been stuck inside for an extended period and you come out to take a breath of fresh air. That's me when I go hiking after a long rain. Or in this case, when I put aside other needs to do some relaxing writing or reading.

What do you think? Is the time for writing letters or reading physical books gone? Are such slow things too difficult to meld with this fast moving world? I would treasure your opinion!

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