Month: August 2016

The Best Swashbuckler Books Ever!

Books are the doorways to knowledge, the enabling of greater understanding, the point toward a more learned person. And besides all that, they can be just plain fun. Obviously some people don’t believe that. So a heads up if you are one of those people, […]

Against All Flags (1952) | Movie Review

I can’t believe #SwashbucklerMonth is already drawing to a close! I still have so many post ideas and I haven’t done half of what I wanted to do. But, after all, a month is a month, and I only committed to that much. Plus I […]

Buccaneer’s Girl (1950) | Long Gowns and Trousers

So far for #SwashbucklerMonth I have stuck to the cavalier days of bucket boots and rapiers. But today we are going to advance in years a little. DeCarlo in a formal white gown. The early 1800s saw a drastic change in clothing for both men […]

Do Your Intentions Reach Action Level?

We’re nearing the middle of the month already (I can hardly believe it) and today I want to take a break from #SwashbucklerMonth. Instead I want to share with you what has been on my mind. I am a passionate person with some solid dreams. […]

The Black Swan (1942) | Movie Review

Glad to see you back as #SwashbucklerMonth continues! I have said before that my favorite swashbuckler of all time is The Spanish Main (read my review here). It is really hard to name my favorites actually since there are so many great ones. Captain Blood […]

Buccaneer Style | Big Hats and Long Boots

Welcome to the second post in my #SwashbucklerMonth series. If you missed my introductory post, click here to read it.  One of the most romantic figures of all periods is the cavalier. They are symbolized as adventurous, chivalrous, and excellent swordsmen. Most swashbuckler films are […]

The Spanish Main (1945) | Movie Review

Hello, and welcome to the first post of #SwashbucklerMonth! If you missed my intro explaining my plans, you can read it here. To start it off I want to share with you a review of my absolute favorite swashbuckler, The Spanish Main. It stars a […]

August is Swashbuckler Month!

Hello everyone, I have exciting news! The whole month of August I am dubbing Swashbuckler month here at Ginger Peachy. This means the majority of my posts will revolve around the adventure of the old swashbuckler themes. Here’s my plan: I will post at least […]