Craft Store Buys, Driving a Lift, and Hauling Branches

It's Tuesday. I have to keep reminding myself of that due to our long weekend. While many families were having short vacations and camping trips, we made like constructions workers and sweated.

Before we got to Labor Day though, I had the chance to visit my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby. With some of the best items half off, I quickly realized I was going to have to watch myself. Craft supplies are my Achilles heel. I always buy more than I intend despite my attempts at being wise. And right now, having technically been out of a job for nearly a year, funds are growing slim and frugality is of the utmost necessity. So I tell myself.

But I am actually proud of the savings I made. I'll share some of what I found.

Scrapbook Treasures - Paper and Stickers

I've said before how much I love antique themes. I think my choice of paper is testimony to my claims.

Some Victorian textiles here, sheet music print, and rustic winter. I don't have anything in mind for any of these but we'll see what happens.

If I was a squealing girl I would have split the ears of anyone in my vicinity when I saw these darlings. Hedgehog and mushroom stickers! Guys, you just can't get much cuter than this. I just wish there were more mushrooms as well.

The last scrapbook creation, The Dutchman and the Condesa, had two of these lovely little pearl stickers. And that is only because two was all I had. If I had this incredible sheet of stickers then, who knows what would have happened! I wanted more, and I ended up finding a sheet that was three times this amount. But I stuck with this one for various reasons. 

By the way, I'm a pearl girl, not diamonds. Pearls are a girls best friend.

Fun Saturday. But Monday, as enjoyable as it was to be with family, was all sweat and tears. Well, at least sweat.

Long story short, we were cutting branches out of the trees at my Grandparents with a lift and hauling the piles with the tractor. I wish I had thought to take pictures. I'm so bad at that.

During a short break I climbed aboard the lift and my brother took me about three or four stories up. I'm not super at heights. Call it a natural fear. It took me a moment to stem the temptation to panic but when I did the view was awesome. (I'm kicking myself again at not taking pictures of the view and kicking my brother too). I got to take us back down, so I can officially say I have "driven" a lift.

The branches and logs my Dad and Grandpa were cutting off presented multiple, massive piles to be drug back to one central place. The boys worked the hardest and once again received firsthand experience of my Dad's sometimes hair-brained actions. My Dad's brilliant. But sometimes risky. 

I also drove the old Ford tractor of my Grandparents. I'm not used to driving a stick (manual) and although I would like the experience, I have not had the opportunity. But this was an experience, and pretty exciting. 

We usually talk and play games during a get-together, but this time most everyone was too exhausted. Well, except for the little ones. We marveled at their stamina. 

It was truly a "labor" day, but we were together as a family and that was the most important. Maybe October will provide a nice, relaxed cookout. Maybe.

How was your Labor Day? Do you usually relax or work? Or do you celebrate it all? 

One last note, I am putting the finishing touches on my baby blanket crochet pattern and hope to present the pattern here by Friday. Keep on the lookout!

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