Ginger Peachy’s New Header is Complete!

After many months of promises I have now finished my new blog header!

It has definitely taken longer than I expected but I am very pleased it is finished. Do I like it? Yes, though I can always find more that needs done to it. But I am not touching it anymore. It stays as is until I decide to make another one.

However, my blog remodel is still not yet complete. I have a few more little things that I want to change around here but it shouldn’t take long. Color changes, font changes, things like that.

I have come a long way, I must say. From my first header over three years ago to my new name header and now my proper header. I’ve learned a lot too, mostly about digital art.

First Header
Under Construction Header
Latest Header

When was it I began my remodelling? February? I think so. At the beginning of this year I wanted to spend some time giving my blog a much needed makeover before I found other work. And as I have said, I was intent on making money with my blog there for a little while, and I wanted it to look professional.

My plans got changed, or rather put on hold, as hours of studious digital work took my eyes for a ride. Then I finally had my eyes checked and got some glasses, and you know what, I forgot about working on my header, can you believe it? I definitely didn’t care for the temporary one I had created but after looking at it so often I guess it kind of blended in.

It was just this week that I actually remembered it, I believe. I was considering what kind of designing I wanted to do with my crochet pattern pdfs I plan to make available on Ravelry and I realized that my header would be good to use and that I hadn’t yet finished it.

Well, I got down to business and here is my first try.

I finished this and was ecstatic at how well it turned out. I wisely told myself to wait until I could show it to my brother (and also give myself some time) before applying it to my blog. And I am glad I did. When I looked at it a few hours later I felt it looked cheap, or kind of childish.

At first I thought it was the colors, too bright and child-like. So I attempted to desaturate the colors. I changed the font color as well to a deep green and asked my family what they thought. It was then that my mother asked what it was that I particularly liked about this font, and I realized it was the font that made it look like a kid’s story book hour. I told her that I liked another better but couldn’t get the layout to work with it.

Lots of family advice later, I made the font I really liked work and ta-da! here it is. One weeks goal down! Next goal is the completion of my pdf design.

So what do you think? Obviously I am excited to have it up, but I want your honest opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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