Retro Winter Wear | 70’s Fashion

Retro Winter Wear | 70’s Fashion
Sweaters are my Achilles Heel.
Big and bulky, preferably, but I like tight knits too, just so long as they fit properly. It all has to do with the fiber, that is why I love to crochet. One of these days I’ll actually sit down and make myself a sweater. One day I’ll actually learn to knit.
But in the meantime, lets look at some late 70’s pieces.
If you aren’t familiar with these two faces, let me introduce the 70’s rendition of the Hardy Boys. Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy played 3 seasons as the famed detectives and I will admit right here and now that I have seen many of them more times than I can count on one hand. Also in the series were episodes of Nancy Drew. The episode I will be relating to has the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and is called Mystery on the Avalanche Express (Se 2, Ep 19).
Sweaters in the 70’s and thereabouts were not often bulky like they were in another 10 years, neither were they as fitted as they are today. Like Frank and Joe’s sweaters in the picture above, colors and patterns of the sweaters of this period still held aspects of the colorblocking of the 60’s.
Joe’s sweater reminds me of one my mother wore in her senior pictures. It has been worn by each of her girls. The only difference is that mother’s was navy blue instead of off-white.
The sweater Nancy (played by Janet Louis Johnson instead of the regular actress Pamela Sue Martin) wears here is a turtleneck in neutral browns fading to black. It has a delicate style that makes it both casual and dressy. Although you can’t tell by this picture, she wears black dress slacks and a pair of low heels.
One thing I really love about this period is the style of wearing a button-up under a sweater, often with longer points to the collar. The Hardy Boys did this regularly, which is why I have always considered them classy.
George (also played by a different actress) wears a pink, ribbed turtleneck sweater with a short waist. This picture doesn’t do the piece justice but I also wanted to point out her hair. George wears her hair short, about shoulder-length, and curled away from her face in flybacks, akin to Farrah Fawcett’s style during that time. This is actually a popular style of the period and I would love to see it return.
Here is another splendid and yet different example of 70’s hair. Nancy wears hers long and just barely wavy at the tips, and here she clips the front portions back with a brown barrette. Notice also the soft neutrals of her makeup: lined eyes but soft, skin-toned shadow, gentle blush and faint pink lip color.
The gentleman also in the picture is a stark contrast to her carefully manicured appearance, I am afraid. The “shagginess” of men’s hair styles were very different from the clean-cut of the many previous eras, though not always a bad thing. I think it is the moustache that ruins the look for me, but alas, it was fashionable.
This isn’t the best picture for this example but I simply adore the close knit scarves the girls are wearing. Nancy’s is wide and fringed while George’s is knotted at the bottom presenting a narrow design. I recall a teal scarf my mother used to wear that was long like theirs and knotted at the bottom. Most of the scarves I have made are bulky but I think I might try my hand at this look sometime this winter.
Shifting from sweaters, I want to point out for a moment the bold color of their clothes. I am not fond of primary colors on anything, but I think the retro charm of these coats and suits appease my distaste. In fact, I would much prefer these colors to the bright neons of today. Of course, Nancy’s coat does not qualify but her toboggan is made of at least four primary colors.
I also would like to add a note on the waists of their coats and sweaters. They are either tucked in or short, coming to just below the natural waist. Ordinarily I would despise short waists, but when they are paired with pants that sit at your natural waist, I understand this wouldn’t be a problem.
I have come to the end of my clothing review, except to mention Joe’s jacket. I would call this style a Joe Hardy staple. It never fails — if Joe wears a jacket, this is the style he wears, jersey material, zippered and drawstring hood.
But what really piques my interest in this picture is the room. The group is staying at a lodge in Budapest for the skiing competition and this room bears the old world style of dark wood and white walls. Beautiful!
As a creative person who has a nodding interest in textiles, as well as a fascination with anything retro, I immediately caught sight of the patterns on these books. The address book (as I am assuming it is) has a lovely multi-green circular pattern cover while the planner is a rosy pink floral. A small bag sitting just on top of the two is of shimmery rose gold. Isn’t it a contrast how now days the style is to match up each bag or item in your purse but back then it didn’t matter? I’m sure you know which I would choose.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and will come back soon. Meanwhile, leave me a comment letting me know what you thought about it.
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