The Dutchman and the Condesa | A Mixed Media Project

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It is sad to see August go so quickly, but September brings with it the beginning of autumn and do I love autumn! The weather is enjoyable and I spend a lot more time outside. I feel refreshed because of it but fall also presents fun seasonal activities. But enough for the moment about that.

I want to spend one last post on #SwashbucklerMonth by showing you my latest scrapbook picture.

The Dutchman and the Condesa

I have been working on this piece of art for a few weeks now and intended to share it during the month of August. But unfortunately, I often take forever on a page. It has to be just right, it has to feel right or I'll hate it afterward, and I didn't want to hate this one.

Antique colors often inspire me, as do old-fashioned things. Some of my favorite scrapbook elements are the antique ones with the cream colors and rustic browns. My recent pages have been of the classics (see here) but this time I wanted to do something adventurous.

If you haven't noticed already, this picture is inspired by my favorite swashbuckler film, The Spanish Main, which I have reviewed here. Maureen O'Hara plays a Spanish countess while Paul Henreid plays the Dutch pirate captain.

It is a fairly simple piece compared to the pages you find from the professionals, but with me, less is sometimes more. I find a simple piece more appealing to look at than the busy ones.

I was given a scrapbook book with a nautical theme for my birthday and have had it sitting around since. Oh, I have admired the pages many times but until now have not had a chance to use one. This ship, as you can see, is pretty amazing. I knew it would have to be the first one I used when I saw it.

The background is a Victorian print in red and cream. I laid the nautical page on top of that giving the background a few centimeters clearance. After putting it in the frame I wish I had given it a few centimeters more. 

The title card took a little time. I don't have the best handwriting so I print everything. But that takes some skill. Getting it the right size, in the right position, trying again, creating a template... I use to guess a lot at sizing but I have realized that measuring and calculating make a project go a lot smoother. 

The ship looked a little plain so I enhanced it a little with a couple of colored pencils. Then a few stickers here and a rose cutout from a greeting card for accompaniment. At the suggestion of my brother, I cut slits into the top paper and slid the ends of the photo in them. Finishing this was tricky because it had to be aligned right with the ends in place while working with the glue. I peeled it off once and had to try again. I am thankful it didn't ruin the photo.

By the way, the photo is one of the most popular promo pictures from the film which I found on the internet and printed off. I tried aging it but ended up liking it better in white. I colored the white border with a brown colored pencil for the finishing touch.

In the film the Condesa angrily slurs the Dutchman's people and he responds by pointing out that though she does not like them, she will wear brabant lace. I had some lace ribbon that made me think of this quote and decided to add it to the top and bottom of the picture. I considered putting the words "brabant lace" on it somewhere but in the end it the idea didn't meld. I usually use a glue stick and Elmers liquid glue for my pages but I have since been acquainted with Mod Podge and found it worked even better for the ribbon.

I bought a simple frame with a distressed appearance from the store and put it all together. Naturally I have a few regrets or reservations, but I am otherwise pleased with the way it turned out. 

How about you? What do you think?

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