The Ravelry Store Option

Trying to figure out your next occupational move is sometimes difficult. There are the jobs you want and then the jobs you can get. There are the fears and uncertainties, and then the anxious waiting for a response, good or bad.

After quitting Crochet Spot last October I knew I needed some time to think and gather my thoughts before pursuing any of the other options I had listed. I spent the first few months just relaxing. Mentally, that is, I still had plenty of housework and personal projects to keep me busy. When the new year came I put some much needed focus on my blog and went through a period where I was determined to make money with my blog. I researched and debated for a long time until deciding that at the moment the methods available were not either attainable or pleasing. As with so many things, blogging was beginning to be less fun and more business-like. I realized that I needed to step back if I wanted to love blogging ever again.

But once again I was back to the drawing board asking God, what should I be doing? Lately I have been feeling more and more as if it is time to start seriously pursuing some of my ideas. As I have the tendency to grow impatient and handle things my own way, I am carefully weighing whether this feeling is due to impatience and outside pressure to conform to the norm, or whether this is God saying it is time to get serious.

Recently I have pursued a position on a Christian magazine doing whatever they may need, preferably writing, but open for anything. I am at the present waiting for a response and simultaneously hoping and fearing the answer. What if they expect more than I can give? What if I let them down? What if I let myself down? Fear, as you can see, is winning out. But the hope in me still has a voice and I keep checking my inbox more than once a day. Okay, maybe more than three times a day. Maybe they won’t answer me back. I’m hoping they will.

But in the meantime I ran across something that might fuel a thought from way back. Selling my crochet patterns on Ravelry.

I have been a Ravelry member since I started working for Crochet Spot so I have built up a lot to offer. And yet, only the other day while entering my latest crochet pattern, the Zaylee Baby Blanket, I saw that Ravelry offers the option of your own store. There is no listing fee, as is the case with Etsy, and they only receive a percentage after you have made over $30 a month. Plus, they handle the actual pattern delivery. This all seemed pretty cool so I started listing what I had to offer. At the moment there are only a few of my ‘own’ patterns that I can turn into pdfs to sell. I have so many designs, only they all belong to Crochet Spot. No problem, though, I have many ideas that I am working on, such as another couple of baby blankets, a doll outfit, and a multi-medium project for autumn that I am really excited about.

My first step is to finish the header I have been working on for this blog and use elements of it to design my pdfs. Then up they go and my store with it. I am calling it Ginger Peachy Designs, or Arts, or something like that.

I have seen where people have multiple stores they sell from so Etsy might me the next step. I am even considering getting an instagram to connect with crafters there and further promote my work.

The biggest question is whether I think this is God’s will for me right now. I feel like I can say confidently that it is. I have been considering starting my own business for quite some time and at first, the thought of selling actual products was daunting. When I realized I could instead sell my patterns some years ago, I have been courting the idea ever since, without putting any actual effort into it at the moment. Now I think this is a good idea and one that God would want me to pursue. It is a small deal, you might say, and I agree. But even in the small things I want to be following His will, because I know that then and only then will I find true joy in this life.

If you have any advice or comments, feel free to let me know! That is what the comment section is for.

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