Month: October 2016

Snappy Fedora (3 Sizes) | Free Crochet Pattern

Snappy Fedora (3 Sizes) | Free Crochet Pattern

  This post may contain affiliate links. See Site Policy for details.   There is such a satisfied feeling I get when I finish another crochet pattern. It starts out as an idea and blooms into a finished product, one that I can share with […]

Snappy Fedora Crochet Pattern in 3 Sizes — Coming Soon!

Thrilled to be able to finally announce my latest project: Snappy Fedora crochet pattern! I will include instructions for three different sizes, adult (21″ – 22″ c.), child (19″ – 20″ c.), and baby (17″ – 18″ c.). It has taken me some time to […]

On Moonlight Bay (1951) | Movie Review

As part of my list of fall favorites, today I am reviewing On Moonlight Bay. I have watched this movie so many times, I can’t begin to count. There are at least four reasons why I like this one so much. The first two are […]

My List of Classic Fall Movies

I don’t know why but it makes the season all the better when I can accompany it with my favorite seasonal movies, movies that have a good cozy, homey feeling. Growing up we’ve always had a Christmas list of movies (many of which I have […]

Give Thanks Wall Plaque Tutorial | A Mixed Media Project

(Update: Now you can buy Give Thanks Wall Plaque at GingerPeachyStore on Etsy! I am so thrilled to be able to present to you my latest mixed media piece for Autumn!! Actually, you could call this my first ‘official’ mixed media piece ever, since previous projects I […]

Dressing Up | 50’s Fashion

Dressing Up | 50’s Fashion

  There is quite a bit I love about the fifties. Home decor and furniture always catch my eye when I watch movies or TV shows of this period, and any period really. But of course, the fashion of the time is so remarkable. I […]

A Godly Woman is a Strong Woman

A Godly Woman is a Strong Woman

Our culture has encouraged the misconception that the definition of a godly woman is weak and quiet, and it is a shame that this flawed mindset pervades the understanding of Christian women today. It is no surprise that women recoil from such a demeaning idea […]

Secret Agent Doll Clothes | Free Crochet Pattern

  This post may contain affiliate links. See Site Policy for details.   Doll clothes can be great fun to make. In fact, I made at least 3 doll outfits for Crochet Spot (Doll Blouse and Jumper, Doll Peasant Dress, and Vintage Doll Bathing Suit) […]

New Crochet Pattern Coming Soon! and a Short List of Autumn Favorites

I have a new crochet pattern coming soon: The Secret Agent Doll Clothes crochet pattern! “This is Monocle Joe. He’s a slick, gentlebear from the old days. Solving mysteries is his main pass time, and as seen in the picture above, he likes to tap […]

Personalizing Notebook Covers

I saw this project on Pinterest (of course) and really loved the idea of creating your own notebook covers. As a person who loves picking her own designs and patterns, it can be very inhibiting to have a selection of binders that are all in […]