Old World Christmas, Crochet Garland, and Chubby Clay Characters

I'm chiding myself for letting nearly two weeks go by without blogging. This year I have been really proud of my blogging commitment, but with the holidays here, these commitments seem to fly out the proverbial window.

What have you missed during this time? All in all, not much. But I'll fill you in anyway.

Business Updates

I plan to go further with this on another post (hopefully sooner than later) so I want to keep this brief. Having only been on Etsy since October, I am still learning oh, so much. I try to read Etsy articles daily and monitor my stores stats too. After finally getting my postal scale (more on that later) I was finally able to list my mixed media projects for "physical" sale (since so far my listings consist of digital patterns). I am so happy about this! And soon I will have another mixed media project to sell, just keep reading for a hint at what it might be.

Blog Updates

Finally, since the start of this year, I have not touched my blog design in probably a month. As in, I am finally happy with my blog design. If you are new here, I have spent all year rebranding, going from Over-the-Horizon-sketchy-blog-design-with-little-direction to Ginger Peachy blog, store, and a clear direction for the future. I finally have that satisfied feeling of accomplishment. But lest you think I am through, I have a few more design tweaks up my sleeve that probably won't come into play until after the new year. (Is it here so soon? Do we say that every year? I will most likely say it next year, too.)

Creative Updates

But most exciting at the moment are my creative WIP's. Crochet garland, Christmas and other mixed media ideas, even clay projects. But let's talk about the garland first.

Naturally, I am a crochet fanatic, so when I had the wonderful idea to create unique Christmas garland for family gifts this year, I first consulted a sane person. My reasoning? Maybe --just maybe-- not everyone likes the idea of a complete crocheted house. Best think reasonably about this, right? But it's a go! And I am nearly finished with my first crocheted garland ever!! I will post the pattern very soon, and will follow it up with others. Lots of sparkly yarn!

(Update: find the finished garland pattern here!)

In the meantime, when my "tender" shoulders don't allow anymore crocheting, I create mixed media projects. See here and here for my latest pieces. This one will be old world Christmas and I plan to use another of Jillibean Soup's Mix the Media plaques, this time 10" x 10". I didn't take any pictures of this in progress because, as usual, I work at night and the lighting and convenience is the pits. So you will just have to wait for the grand unveiling, also coming very soon to blog and shop.

But what has me significantly delighted and yet skeptical, is my idea for clay figurines. Here is my sketch to give you a general idea.

Cute and chubby! Teeny, cartooned Star Wars characters dangling from the end of a keychain or phone jack. What do you think?! I have been greatly inspired by the cute, Kawaii creations of Momomints and really wanted to get back into sculpting. This idea came together pretty fast, and I would love to make these for Christmas presents, only there is one outstanding hangup. An oven.

This is what stopped my ingenuity years ago, not having an oven specifically for baking my clay. Naturally we have an oven, and naturally I have baked my clay in this family oven. But polymer clay leaches unhealthy, chemical laden fumes into the oven when it is baked, and when I go and use the same oven for food I might as well feed my family PVC straight from the hardware store. A little dramatic? Maybe, but I just can't do it. Alternatively, I have had my eye on a clay oven for a while now but have yet to get around to buying it, and now it is out of my budget. Eek! So delight is mingled with sorrow as I fear this excellent idea will have to fall (temporarily) by the wayside.

One thing is for sure, I couldn't legally sell these and that is a bummer. But more on copyright and trademark law later. That is a hornets nest too big for this post.

And that is a sum up of what I have and will be doing. I really didn't think I could talk so briefly about it all, it has been so jumbled up in my brain. But I guess some days bring clarity.

I really love having lots of inspiration and goals. God has blessed me once again by giving me direction and allowing me to open an online store. Now, can I remember to trust him for its future?

Come back soon to see what I have done with myself and my creations! Don't forget, I have patterns coming soon and more in my shop, GingerPeachyStore at Etsy and Ravelry!

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